Why this theory is compatible with science

In this section we are going to be looking at how this theory is compatible with science in terms of its answer to what the physical world is and its answer to what life is. Let us start by discussing how we can reconcile MAMA philosophy’s explanation of the physical world and the scientific explanation of the physical world:

Physical world explanation

The scientific consensus is that all particles in the universe are either fermions or bosons. Fermions follow fermi-dirac statistics while bosons follow bose-einstein statistics. Famous fermions include electrons, protons, neutrons etc. and famous bosons include photons, gluons, higgs boson etc.

Now the Fermi dirac statistics are similar to properties of the sine wave while the bose Einstein statistics are similar to properties of the cosine wave. So we can easily define fermions as following the cosine wave and equation while the bosons as following the sine wave and equation.

Now all cosines and sines can be written as an infinite series of numbers i.e.

Hence fermions and bosons that make up all particles of the universe can be described as numbers symmetrically connecting with each other through the infinite series of the cosine and sine waves.

Hence the explanations of MAMA philosophy and science about the physical world can be reconciled through defining bosons and fermions as cosine and sine waves respectively and then explaining that they are caused by numbers of monads symmetrically connecting with each other through the infinite series of the sine and cosine waves.

This was a simple explanation of how the basic ideas about the physical world of science and MAMA philosophy can be combined.

Life explanation

The basic premise of MAMA philosophy is that life is high valued numbers connecting with low valued numbers with similar value difference and that death occurs when this similar value difference is lost.

It’s nearly impossible to try and find this similar value difference only through rational means and so we have to use empirical means to help supplement our theoretical approach.

Now in order to empirically test for and hypothesize about the similar value difference we have to try and create the basic unit of life (an artificial unicellular organism) from inorganic material.

Once we are able to achieve this, we will have proved that the high valued numbers dock onto the inorganic material when they have the similar value difference.

 We can then study the similar value difference and pin down exactly what it is and how or when the high valued numbers dock onto the inorganic material.

Our knowledge of the similar value difference will probably follow the trajectory of our knowledge of atoms with many hypotheses, with each iteration being able to interpret the data better than the previous one.

The atomic theory grew from the philosophical premise of atoms being indivisible particles that make up everything to the scientific theories of Plum pudding atomic model by Rutherford, Niels Bohr planetary model and Erwin schrodingers electron cloud model or quantum model etc.

So the soul theory is now at the philosophical premise of the soul being high valued numbers that connect with LVN with SVD to use them for their calculations and as we study and try to create artificial cells we will have more detailed theories about the similar value difference.


So not only is MAMA philosophy philosophically sound but it also provides us with a viable scientific theory that we can start working on to discover the soul (high valued numbers) and understand more of the physical world. Let us now look at the current situation of creating artificial cells: