Why role-play cannot be easily automated

As we discussed in the first section of the book, most of the work currently employing a huge part of the population can easily be automated.

We also discussed about how the current way art is practiced can easily be automated since we are approaching the digital singularity.

MAMA play employs people as supporting and non-playing characters in other people’s fantasies and so to automate MAMA plays, we would have to create humanoids.

 Humanoids are robots that resemble humans and in our case they will have to mimic human behavior and movements such that people cannot differentiate between them and other humans to be useful in MAMA plays. Let us now discuss why MAMA play cannot be easily automated:

Humanoids are not as close to being a reality

Humanoids are currently capable of mimicking other humans digitally meaning that the software or brain for humanoids is currently available and what remains is the hardware.

One of the reasons it’s hard to create humanoids that can be indistinguishable from humans is the uncanny valley hypothesis proposed by the robotics professor Masahiro Mori that suggests that people feel a sense of unease or even revulsion in response to humanoid robots that are highly realistic.

My own suggestion for the theory is that we evolved to see the minute differences in others so that we can know if they are sick or have problems but that’s for another day.

The other reason is that they will have to be good at actions such as sports etc. and so we are more likely to see specialized humanoids before we finally get the all in one humanoid.

This is a point I just wanted to illustrate but for the fact of argument we can conclude that because humanoids can become a reality and people can be freed from being supporting characters then MAMA plays can be automated and hence we will be back in the same place of not having a job to do to obtain money for subjective needs.

Let us discuss why MAMA play will still employ many people even when perfect humanoids that can mimic human behavior have been invented.

Humanoids will have an infinite demand

Humanoids like any automation use resources to create, which are limited on earth. Hence even if we have created perfect humanoids that can mimic human behavior we will still be limited by the number of humanoids available for everyone to use in their MAMA plays.

So for example the government can give everyone 15 humanoids to use in their MAMA plays like how it could give free basic needs and when people need more they will have to act in other peoples fantasies so that they can get money to get more humanoids.

So this humanoid limitation will continue and role play can provide us with a means for people to obtain money for subjective needs for a long period of time until we achieve unlimited resources through colonizing other planets or other means.