Why MAMA play doesn’t exist yet

MAMA play as a concept currently doesn’t exist because we don’t have the infrastructure for most types of MAMA play.

We don’t have the venues to perform the MAMA plays as many don’t exist such as cultural venues and venues that exist in cities have inflated prices of rent that would make MAMA plays too expensive for people to be able to afford them.

We don’t have the accessories to perform the MAMA plays as the logistics to ensure that people get proper accessories such as clothes; shoes etc. for their plays will be too expensive and make MAMA plays too expensive for people to be able to afford them.

The cost of living is currently too high that it would be expensive to hire people to perform as supporting characters or non playing characters in other people’s plays or hire playwrights to write plays for people and hence the MAMA plays will be too expensive for people to afford them.

So the biggest reason we currently don’t have MAMA plays is that it’s simply too expensive for the current form of living but as I said in the section I introduce MAMA play that it would be possible in a post automation world.

Most MAMA plays whose infrastructure is built are loved and adored such as dates, cruises, vacations, celebrity fan, sports fan etc. as I explained in the sections above.

A fully automated world will consist of mostly new infrastructure such as buildings etc. that will be the residential, food or clothes hub such as the MAMA architecture I described at the beginning of the book.

MAMA architecture consists of self cleaning houses connected to a fully automated food hub that handles all chores involved with food and a fully automated clothes hub that handles all chores involved with clothes saving people time and  increasing convenience in the home.

So with a technology like MAMA architecture most buildings and houses won’t have any job other than MAMA plays being performed in them allowing a lowering of cost of venues.

Accessories for MAMA plays will be cheap since in a fully automated world most clothes will be unused and the clothes hub will make the logistics for the clothes and accessories for the hubs much easier allowing for accessories for AMMA plays to be cheaper.

Supporting characters will be plenty since it will be the only job left that can employ many people in a fully automated world hence the cost of supporting characters to help you perform MAMA plays will be cheaper.

Hence the reason MAMA plays are not as prevalent now is that they are expensive due to the world not being automated and after full automation MAMA plays will become cheaper and allow them to become mainstream in the world.

After understanding why MAMA plays are the perfect replacement for work after full automation, let us now look at other advantages MAMA play will provide to society.

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