Why is the similar value difference yet to be discovered?

As I said in the previous section that the best way to discover the similar value difference is to try and create an artificial cell and not study the human brain which is the most complex life form and consists of many unicellular organisms which are also part of life.

The scientific study of creating an artificial cell is already currently happening through bottom up synthetic biologists. Wikipedia provides a brilliant summary of the current situation of the field. The following are excerpts of the subject from Wikipedia and my commentaries on them:

“An artificial cell can be understood as a completely synthetically made cell that can capture energy, maintain ion gradients, contain macromolecules as well as store information and have the ability to replicate. This kind of artificial cell has not yet been made.

A bottom up approach to build an artificial cell would involve creating a protocell de novo, entirely from non living materials. As the term “cell” implies, one prerequisite is the generation  of some sort of compartment that defines an individual, cellular unit. Phospholipid membranes are an obvious choice as compartmentalizing boundaries, as they act as selective barriers in all living biological cell.

The main hurdles foreseen and encountered with this proposed protocell are the creation of a minimal synthetic DNA that holds all sufficient information for life, and the reproduction of non genetic components that are integral in cell development such as molecular self organization.

However it is hoped that this kind of bottom up approach would provide insight into the fundamental questions of organizations at the cellular level and the origins of biological life.

So far no completely artificial cell capable of self reproduction has been synthesized using the molecules of life, and this objective is still in a distant future although various groups are currently working towards this goal.

Another method proposed to create a protocell more closely resembles the conditions believed to have been present during evolution known as the primordial soup. Various RNA polymers could be encapsulated in vesicles and in such small boundary conditions, chemical reactions would be tested for.”

Currently the scientists trying to create artificial cells are using the theory that “life is a result of biochemical reactions” which according to MAMA philosophy is wrong and will never result in us being able to create the basic units of life.

With the new MAMA philosophy theory of “Life is a result of high valued numbers connecting with low valued numbers with similar value difference to use them for their calculations” scientists will be able to have a better theoretical foundation and have a better chance at creating the basic units of life.

What we are currently doing is what alchemists used to do trying to convert base metals to gold with no theoretical backing and instead relying only on empirical evidence. Once we had the theoretical backing of elements, molecules and atoms we now can understand how to turn any base metal into gold.

“Ethics and controversy

Protocell research has created controversy and opposing opinions, including critics of the vague definition of “artificial cell”. The creation of a basic unit of life is the most pressing ethical concern, although the most wide spread worry about protocells is their potential threat to human health and the environment through uncontrolled replication.

Consider the following article explaining the concerted efforts by different countries to create the first artificial cells.”

Most of the controversy stems from not having any theoretical foundation of understanding life and hence the study of trying to create the basic units of life seems alien to most and is usually taken in a negative light.

This has also impacted the number of people who are getting in the field and most people prefer the top down approach of creating artificial cells which has many advantages such as creating more versatile cells, disease resistant cells etc.

“International research community

In the mid-2010s the research community started recognizing the need to unify the field of synthetic cell research, acknowledging that the task of constructing an entire living organism from non-living components was beyond the resources of a single country.

In 2017 the international Build-a-cell large scale research collaboration for the construction of synthetic living cell was started, followed bynational synthetic cell organizations in several countries. Those national organizations include Fabricell, maxsynbio and Basyc.

The European synthetic cell efforts were unified in 2019 as SyncellEU initiative.”

This research has very little promise of being successful because it has no theoretical foundation and even if it does it will simply have found a practical way to produce life but won’t understand how life works.

If such efforts are put with a theoretical foundation of MAMA philosophy we can definitely create artificial cells in less than 5 years. It is one of MAMA philosophy’s biggest goals to do so.