What happens if merit tests are changed?

MAMA WORLD is a fictional world about a utopian society where everyone can obtain their basic, emotional and rational needs.

The aim of MAMA WORLD is to educate people about how we can reach a utopian society and show them how meaningful life will still be in a world where everyone can easily obtain their needs.

Note: Note: If you haven’t read the article that summarizes the meritocratic government, please do, since some of the concepts and matters discussed here are explained in detail in the summary. The link to the summary article is: SUMMARY OF MAMA WORLD GOVERNMENT

All members of institutions of the meritocratic government become members through doing and passing merit tests. But once they are members, they can propose a bill to change both the theoretical or practical questions of the merit tests.

So what happens when the merit tests are changed? Does everyone have to do the merit tests again? Or once you are a member you no longer have to do a merit test no matter the change?


The answer is both yes and no. The bill that proposes a change in a part of the merit tests or the whole merit test will also include the clause of whether the current members will have to do the merit tests again or not.

And since the bill is voted for by members of the institution or sub institution then if they vote to change the merit tests with a clause to do the tests again then they will be willing to do the tests.

Merit test changes will be a common thing in both the local and federal meritocratic governments. The following are the reasons why:

Merit test changes in local meritocratic governments

For local meritocratic governments, merit tests will have to change as more automation are added to the hubs in meritocratic apartments and hence people have to do seminars again to learn how to use the new automations and be able to maintain the hubs.

Merit test changes will also happen when supply lines and the whole network of the region changes.

Members of the institutions of the local meritocratic government will have to do merit tests again to ensure they understand how the supply lines for their institutions and hubs work.

Merit test changes in federal meritocratic governments

For the federal meritocratic governments, merit tests will have to change as new research and development and new systems are created.

They will also be important to ensure every member of the institution or sub institution is active and act as a simple way to remove the inactive members of institutions and sub institutions.

Hence changes in some questions or parts of merit tests will be a normal thing and might include a clause of restricting a person to vote or be an active member on certain matters that include the new practical or theoretical questions.

Although the changes and clauses are noble in intention they might be used for bad reasons. Let us now discuss the dangers of merit tests:

Dangers of merit test changes

Merit tests can be used by some people to remove a group of people from an institution and propose a bill before they rejoin the institution or sub institution.

They can also be used to deny people the chance to become members of an institution or sub institution by making the merit tests more complex than they have to be.


The meritocratic government isn’t perfect but a dialectical government system that constantly improves and grows.

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