Vole software

Hello my name is Mseli and I am a 25 year old professional thinker.

Over the years I have come up with many brilliant ideas that can help humanity but during the end of the year 2022, I managed to come up with the idea of building software that allows students to practice what they learn using voice commands instead of using typing or writing.

The way I imagined it would work, would be someone wearing a device that allows a unidirectional microphone to be fixated in front of their mouth.

The microphone then records voice commands of the person and the software is able to process the commands and show them as output on the display of a computer, tablet or Smartphone.

This idea is revolutionary as it will simplify learning and allow everyone to be able to easily understand and practice what they learn.

Let us now look at the advantages of people using voice commands to do questions about what they learned instead of writing or typing:

Speed of doing questions

Voice commands exponentially increase the speed of doing questions since it’s a form of dictation which is the fastest way to input data.

Studies have found that typing is 3 times faster than writing and dictation is 7 times faster than typing which means that voice commands will allow a student to input the same data in 3 minutes which would have taken them 63 minutes to write.

This significantly allows students to practice what they learn, especially for stem subjects, allowing most students to easily understand and pass their exams.

But speed of doing questions isn’t the only factor that determines what input method people use as typing is already faster than writing but isn’t used in most areas for learning.

Imagine doing math through voice commands rather than writing. How many questions will you be able to do in one sitting? You were not bad in math; the input method was just too slow for you to do enough practice to master it


Environmental versatility

Voice commands allow people to practice and do questions of what they study in more environments compared to writing or typing.

Typing efficiently requires a laptop as using a tablet is difficult since the keyboard takes half of the screen. To efficiently type or study using a laptop, a person requires a desk, chair and a power supply.

Writing is more versatile than typing as it doesn’t require a power supply but you still have to have a desk and chair to efficiently write.

Voice commands are used in tablets or smart phones and the input device (A unidirectional microphone) is worn by an individual.

Hence voice commands don’t require a chair or desk making it the most environmentally versatile mode to input data.  

Imagine being on a bed and holding a tablet while answering an exam through dictating in a unidirectional microphone you have worn. You could literally study anywhere. Schools can no longer need desks and chairs. We could re-imagine what schools will look like.

Price of device

Using Voice commands as an input method reduces the cost of products that a person has to buy in order to study efficiently.

Books are the cheapest option when it comes to a way to practice learning or note down notes while laptops are the most expensive option.

Using voice commands is cheaper than typing in laptops since it will use a tablet or Smartphone and a simple input device (unidirectional microphone) which both cost less than a laptop with the same specs.

The tablet or Smartphone might be more expensive than one book but on the long run, it will be cheaper than the notebooks, textbooks, bags, pen, chair, tables etc. that a person will have to buy in the lifetime of studying.

Scope of data that can be easily inputted

Using voice commands allows people to have the widest scope of data that they can easily input.

Writing has the edge on typing due to the scope of data that you can easily input. This is true for subjects that involve mathematics as it’s much harder to do mathematics through typing.

Unlike typing, voice commands allow you to input a wider scope of data as anything that can be written can also be spoken, and hence voice commands can input as wide a scope of data as writing.

You can argue that you can’t draw through voice commands like how you can draw using a paper but voice commands will make using drawing software such as CAD, Blender much easier.

Imagine using drawing software such as CAD or blender through voice commands instead of cramming shortcuts and doing a whole lot of mouse work.

Exhaustion from doing questions

Voice commands is the least exhausting form of inputting data compared to writing and typing. The most practiced form of inputting data is talking since we talk with our friends, family etc.

This means that voice commands is the least exhausting form of inputting data since it doesn’t strain your hand and back like writing or strain your back and neck like typing.

Since voice commands will also be faster, it will allow people to finish their work earlier reducing the exhaustion they get from learning.

Imagine not having to break your back just to write or type questions or answers. Voice commands will exponentially increase the endurance of people to learn and practice.


Hence people using voice commands to do questions about the subjects they learn will exponentially increase the quality of their understanding of the subject. After I realized the repercussions of the idea, I had two options.

The first option was to create this software alone through funding it myself which would take me not less than 4 years.

The good thing about this option was that I wouldn’t run the risk of the idea being stolen and the bad thing about this option was that I would feel guilty for wasting valuable time for the idea to be implemented just so that I can fully profit from it.

The second option was to crowd fund the creation of the software online which would take me less than a year.

 The good thing about this option was that I would be able to fund the creation of the software in less than a year while the bad thing about this option was that I could end up not being funded and the idea could end up being stolen.

After much consideration, I decided to have faith in humanity and chose the second option so that we can all benefit from the idea as soon as possible.

I then started the Vole project which is a project that seeks to crowd fund the creation of the vole software which is software that will allow students to do questions, tests and exams of what they study through voice commands instead of typing or writing.

If you believe I made the correct decision by choosing to crowd fund the idea and would like to help fund the vole project, you can subscribe to my patreon and also get access to my discord community, articles I write about how the vole software will work, articles about how we can use voice technology in other fields etc.

The link to my Patreon is: PATREON