The vision of MAMA play is to first have MAMA studios opened in most cities in the world. Once that is achieved the next goal of MAMA play will be to build MAMA play towns. MAMA play towns are towns built around the internet of transportation.

The internet of transportation is a system of small tunnels that connect different locations in a society allowing self-driving cars to transport goods and people.

People pass through the internet of transportation through pods while they lie down substantially reducing their height allowing them to pass through the small tunnels. People in MAMA play towns do not cook or wash clothes.

When someone needs food in MAMA play town they simply order it from the food hub app where it’s cooked by robots and then sent to the person by self-driving pods through the small tunnels. The person eats the food and once done they return the dirty dishes to the food hub using the self-driving pods. The dirty dishes are then cleaned and stored in the food hub through an automated system.

When someone needs clothes in MAMA play town they simply order it from the clothes hub app where it’s prepared by robots and sent to the person by self-driving pods through small tunnels. The person wears the clothes and once done they return the dirty clothes to the clothes hub using the self-driving pods. The dirty clothes are then cleaned and stored in the clothes hub through an automated system.

This means that houses in MAMA play town do not have amenities such as fridges, washing machine, dish washer, closet etc. but are still able to provide the luxuries the amenities provide.

Every town started with a main economic activity such as mining towns, fishing towns, farming towns etc.

The main economic activity in MAMA play towns will be offering MAMA plays of the past cultures of that particular area. So if the MAMA play town has been started in Navajo nation it will offer MAMA plays set in Navajo culture, if a MAMA play town has been started in Kwa Zulu natal it will offer MAMA plays set in Zulu culture etc.

Since MAMA plays will already be mainstream the towns won’t struggle getting customers for their MAMA plays allowing the residents of the towns to have an economic activity that provides them with income.

After understanding what MAMA play towns are and how they will function let us now look at their impact and contribution to 3 causes. The environmental cause, the 3rd world dream and the technology dream.

MAMA play town and the environment

MAMA play towns are very environmental friendly. MAMA play towns don’t use plastic packaging since the packaging can always be recovered and is returned to the respective hubs.

MAMA play towns reduce the amount of goods needed to live a comfortable life. In MAMA play towns the residents do not need to buy amenities such as fridge, closet, drier, washing machine etc. since the food and clothes hub are responsible for all food and clothes.

MAMA play towns reduce the amount of oil used since residents of MAMA play town use the internet of transportation for transportation which uses electric self-driving pods.

This means that if the world adopts MAMA play towns we will be able to save the environment and achieve DE growth while still having the ability to enjoy all the luxuries we previously had.

MAMA play town and the 3rd world dream to develop

3rd world countries dream of developing and becoming first world countries. The current method 3rd world countries use to develop is to industrialize which takes a lot of years and since there are already countries that have industrialized it makes it harder for the goods produced by the 3rd world countries to compete in the international market.

Through MAMA play towns 3rd world countries can develop their countries without having to pass through the industrialization stage that they currently have to pass through. Through MAMA play towns the 3rd world countries can focus on the automations needed for MAMA play towns instead of focusing on the myriad of appliances, amenities, technologies etc. needed to maintain the current 1st world standard of living.

MAMA play towns will also have less resistance by the populations of the 3rd world countries since they will honor their cultures through the cultural plays they will be offering. This has been a very big cause for people in 3rd world countries to resist development since they see it as an attack on their culture and embracing it would mean betraying their ancestors and their culture but with MAMA play towns this problem won’t be there.

MAMA play town and the resource management dream

The current consensus among most political thinkers is that we all have enough resources and goods for all of us to live a comfortable life but the politicians and other benefactors of the current system deliberately rig the system so that they can get the most out of it leading to others not obtaining enough goods and services.

From this consensus there have risen two views of how to correct this problem. One view is that we need to fight the political system and ensure we have better laws and regulations to ensure everyone gets the basics while not restricting the basic freedoms of people. The other view is that we need to build new systems of resource management that will allow everyone to obtain basic goods and services.

Most people focus on the first view since it’s easier to understand and implement. I focused on the 2nd view and that’s how I came up with MAMA play town. MAMA play town will naturally remove the inequality since people won’t need to rig the system to obtain the most out of it.

So MAMA play town is the elusive resource management system that so many have dreamed of that allows us all to obtain basic goods and services while not restricting our basic freedoms.


So by signing and sharing the petition and supporting the MAMA play movement you are contributing to making this vision a reality. The link to the petition is:

The current step we are working on is to start the first MAMA studio which will be used for promotional and marketing purposes as much as selling MAMA plays.

Currently we are at 76 dollars a month on patreon and once we reach 500 dollars a month we will start the first MAMA studio which will accelerate the marketing of MAMA plays to the world.

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