The risk of materialism

Let’s assume that the research is successful and they are able to create artificial cells from inorganic material which is highly unlikely because they simply don’t have the philosophical foundation to be able to do that.

They will then conclude that life is simply a pattern of interaction of molecules and that life doesn’t exist which will most definitely emphasize the current nihilistic paradigm of life having no meaning and that we are just interaction between atoms and there’s no meaning.

This will lead to the theories they put forward failing and stopping us from creating multi cellular organisms or discovering more about life. This is not an exaggeration since it has already happened before. Consider these two examples:

Copenhagen interpretation of quantum mechanics

Quantum mechanics is scientific theory that baffles scientists to this day and most of the ambiguity of the theory stems from its interpretation rather than the mathematical equations of the theory.

The Copenhagen interpretation of quantum mechanics has interpreted the mathematical equations of quantum mechanics in a materialistic way rendering the world as probabilistic and without a reality principle.

Although there have been other theories such as the wave pilot theory by Bohm and co which also is in line with the equations of quantum mechanics, the other theories have not been given a chance in scientific circles and any scientist who tries to work figuratively commits career suicide.

This is one of the reasons that after more than 80 years, we still cannot unify quantum mechanics and the relativity theory of Einstein to obtain a TOE (Theory of everything) to explain the universe.

Darwin’s theory of evolution

 Darwin’s theory of evolution is explained in terms of random mutations and without any teleology other than surviving.

But life must have teleology and it must be evolving towards something greater and better. We can see that there are many species that outlive the human being, out populate the human being etc. but we are still the quintessence of evolution showing that evolution isn’t just about survival.


Most of the resistance of science to include teleology or hidden variables in its theories is because of the fear of giving religious institutions a chance to connect their religious theories with scientific data.

But this fear is now unfounded since science has already proven itself over centuries that it has value to humanity and will forever be cherished.

Hence without a solid movement backing the soul theory we will have another group of scientists locked out of this different interpretation supporting the soul and life leading to stagnation of our understanding of life and the soul.

After understanding the basic theory of MAMA philosophy and how it can lead to the discovery of the souls and life, let us now look at the advantages of the theory: