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Hello, my name is Mkwawa and like most of us, I have spent most of my waking hours thinking about a new societal model that will allow everyone to flourish.

 After more than 10 years, I have finally grown out of the individual mentality and decided to share my work with the world so that we can collectively build a better world together.

The name of the new societal model is the meritocratic society and as the name suggests, it’s based on merit. Let us now start discussing the new society:

Meritocratic society

A meritocratic society is a society that uses meritocratic apartments to obtain their basic needs, community hubs to obtain their emotional needs and is governed by the meritocratic government.

Let us now discuss the meritocratic apartment, community hub and meritocratic government that make a meritocratic society possible:

Meritocratic apartments

Meritocratic apartments consist of self cleaning houses connected to a fully automated food hub that would handle all chores involved with food and a fully automated clothes hub that would handle all chores involved with clothes saving people time and increasing convenience in the home.

When people in meritocratic apartments need food or clothes they order from the food or clothes hub through an app and the food or clothes would be brought to them through pods that pass through small tunnels.

 Once they finish eating or wearing the food or clothes respectively they would return the dirty dishes or clothes to the food or clothes hub in pods that pass through the small tunnels.

The dirty dishes or clothes would then be automatically cleaned and stored.

Since the houses wouldn’t need any appliances or infrastructure for food or clothes such as kitchen, closet, fridge etc. they would be simple enough to be fully cleaned by cleaning robots

After discussing the meritocratic apartments, let us now discuss the community hub:

Community hub

The Community hub provides the members of the meritocratic society with infrastructure to allow them to live different lives in different communities and obtain their emotional needs in a meritocratic society.

The infrastructure community hubs provide include venues such as houses, schools, shops etc., characters such as family members, friends, strangers, coworkers etc., accessories such as clothes, shoes, weapons etc. and life stories such as fully scripted life stories, stereotypical life stories etc.

So if a member of the meritocratic society wants to live a life as a musician the community hub will provide them with venues such as concert arenas, music studios etc., characters such as managers, fans, friends etc., accessories such as clothes, shoes, chains etc., life stories such as cocky musician life story, humble musician life story etc.

Through Community hubs a person in a meritocratic society would be able to live as any person such as a celebrity, musician, CEO, detective, thief, jerk etc. and obtain the emotional experience from that life.

After understanding the community hub, let us now study the meritocratic government that governs a meritocratic society.

Meritocratic Government

The meritocratic government is a government that follows the principle that every government position should be chosen based on merit.

It consists of 12 institutions and people become members of the institutions through passing merit tests.

Merit tests for each institution are created by and can be changed by the members of the institution.

Once someone is a member of an institution they can propose bills online to change regulations or policies of the institution and other members can vote on the bill and if it passes then the bill becomes law.

So members can propose and vote for bills online allowing each member the chance to change the regulations or policies of the institutions of the meritocratic government.

Since most of the government processes happen online, the members of the institutions are not paid but volunteer to lead the nation.

After briefly discussing the meritocratic government let us now discuss the goal of this website and the whole project.

Goal of website

I started this project with the goal of individually implementing it. I have now outgrown that attitude and understand that we have to work together to make this world a better place.

So I decided to start this website, to teach people about the meritocratic society, so that we can grow the community of people who understand the meritocratic society and collaborate in making it a reality.

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