The bullying pandemic and how to end it.

In most cases people who bully other people whether in school, work or family do not gain any monetary benefit and instead get an emotional benefit. This means that bullying is a method people use to obtain an emotional experience which is part of their personalities.

From this fact we can deduce that the best way to combat bullying is not to try and stop people from doing it since they need that emotional experience and as long as they know there won’t be repercussions for their behavior they will bully other people.

Hence since people who bully other people need the emotional experience they obtain through bullying, the best way to ensure that they don’t cause harm on others is to simply provide them with a better outlet to experience the emotions involved with bullying other people.

I have been on this case for many years and I managed to create that outlet and I called it MAMA play. MAMA play is a new performance art that allows you to express emotions in a safe environment through providing you with the story, characters, venues and accessories you will need to perform the fantasy.

So if a person wants to perform a fantasy of a rude boss who bullies his employees, MAMA play will provide them with the story with the main character being the rude boss who bullies employees, the venues such as office, houses etc., the other characters such as employees, customers, family etc., the accessories such as the clothes, shoes etc.

Or if a person wants to perform a fantasy of being a father who bullies his wife and children then MAMA play will provide them with the story with the main character being the bully father, the venues such as school, houses, offices etc., the other characters such as the wife, children, friends, relatives etc., the accessories such as clothes, shoes etc.

To learn more about how MAMA play is able to do this you can read this article: How Karen was able to live a rude boss fantasy through MAMA play

Through MAMA play people who have the urge to bully other people whether because of emotional tension, stress, trauma, personality etc. will have a safer outlet to experience emotions involved with bullying in a safe environment that will ensure they won’t be psychologically or physically harming others.

MAMA play will be advertised as the safe space for people to let out their harmful emotions such as bullying other people so that they can be better people in their real life. This will be advertised to kids in schools, managers in workplaces, parents etc.

A government can even take an initiative and make doing MAMA plays to reduce your urges to bully or dominate others mandatory for people in positions of power so that they become less vulnerable to let their emotions take control over them.

In fact most cases of bullying are reported early on but the lack of options to stop the person bullying the other person is what causes most that are reported to, to fail to stop the bullying. This ends up with people simply warning or giving advice to the bully to stop which usually doesn’t help.

With MAMA play the people who get reports of bullying can have the option to force or advice the bully to use MAMA plays to express their emotions since it’s safer and will result in them experiencing the emotions they experience while bullying in a safer environment.

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