Simps of human progress

Hello guys, my name is Mkwawa, and I am the type of person who loses sleep at night because of thinking of the best way we can make the world a better place for everyone.

This website is for people like me, so if you are not one of them, then you can stop reading this article and continue doing other things.

I am not being rude, but it’s just that you won’t really understand the context or weight of what I am about to explain in the article and so to save you time; I would just like to ask you to close the article and move on with other stuff.

I hope by now, all people who aren’t our breed have left and all of you who remain, are people who sincerely wish to contribute your time and effort to creating new systems that will solve global problems.

World problems

The most promoted method to solve world problems is trying to introduce new or better policies to our current societies through gaining political power.

This method never sat well with me, as I never really saw it as a method that can be used to solve a global problem and was more suited to try and solve local problems.

For this method to solve global problems, the correct leaders will have to win political power either through elections or lobbying, everywhere around the whole world and then work on introducing untested policies that they think might work in the different societies.

They have to do all this while facing massive opposition from all the people who will be negatively affected by their policies.

So the chances of this method leading to the solving of global problems are slim. But as this is the only method currently available, most of us are trying to push on with it.

Oh, that’s why I love us, we simp’s of change and progress, no matter how slim our chances, we still push on and don’t give up.

I personally also spent a lot of time trying to make this system work until I realized that there is another method we can use to solve global problems and push human progress forward.

The alternative method I discovered was creating a new societal model that when adopted will structurally solve most world problems.

I then used 10 years of my life to try and create such a societal model and I have now succeeded and decided to create this website to share with you the new societal model.

Meritocratic society

This new societal model I created is called the meritocratic society.

The Meritocratic society is a new societal model that, if adopted, can structurally solve most global problems.

The Meritocratic society has 3 main infrastructures which are: meritocratic apartments, community hub and meritocratic government.

 Meritocratic apartments

Meritocratic apartments consist of houses connected to a food hub that handles all chores involved with food and a clothes hub that handles all chores involved with clothes.

When someone who lives in meritocratic apartments needs food or clothes, they order them from the food or clothes hub and they are brought to them by a pod that passes through small tunnels.

When they finish eating or wearing the food or clothes respectively, they return the dirty dishes or clothes using the pod that passes through a small tunnel to the food or clothes hub where they are cleaned and stored.

Meritocratic apartments don’t need a kitchen, closet, appliances, store etc. and hence can be designed to be simple enough to be fully cleaned by autonomous robots.

After discussing meritocratic apartments, let us now discuss the meritocratic government:

Meritocratic government

Meritocratic apartments are fully dependent on the food and clothes hub which are collectively used by the residents of the apartments.

 Hence for the concept of ownership of a meritocratic apartment to make sense, all residents must have the ability to influence and decide how the hubs are run and how the profits of the hubs are used.

Because of this reason, meritocratic apartments are governed by a decentralized government system that uses direct democracy called the meritocratic government.

The meritocratic government consists of institutions that residents can join through passing merit tests.

Once they are members of an institution they can vote on or propose bills to change regulations or policies of the government.

Hence residents of meritocratic apartments could pass merit tests for the food institution which might include questions about how the food hub operates or where the food hub buys its ingredients from, and when they become a member, propose a bill for the profits of the food hub to be used to purchase certain automation, start a garden etc.

After discussing the importance of the meritocratic government, let us discuss the community hub:

Community hub

The sheer nature and complexity of meritocratic apartments, makes it extremely expensive and complex to build by upgrading existing apartments or houses.

This means that, in most cases, meritocratic apartments will be built from scratch and people will have to switch from living in their current homes to living in meritocratic apartments.

This leads to the problem of what will people do with their current houses or apartments. Renting is out of the question, as doing so, will defeat the goal of making people live in meritocratic apartments.

If meritocratic apartments become the main form of living, they will also lead to the close down of many businesses that rely on the current architecture where residents have to do house chores such as businesses that sold groceries, small shops, businesses that sold utensils, clothes shops etc.

So the fundamental idea of meritocratic apartments will lead to many of our current infrastructure dropping in value and having no use.

Because of this reason, once meritocratic apartments become the main form of housing in an area, they will run a community hub that will allow people to embody different stereotypes through providing them with infrastructure such as venues, accessories, characters and life stories. 

The meritocratic government will obtain venues and accessories from residents who owned houses, shops etc. that have been made useless or dropped in value because of meritocratic apartments.

The meritocratic government will hire people who have lost their jobs because of meritocratic apartments as characters who act in other people’s lives.

The community hub will become viable once meritocratic apartments start to become the main form of housing in an area.


If you are someone who has spent most of their time thinking of world problems and how they can be solved, you will have already understood or intuited how the Meritocratic society will structurally solve most world problems.

If you are not and just decided to continue reading although I told you not to, then you will be thinking that it’s too complex or trying to gaslight the idea by saying things like you love doing house chores or even wondering how this system will help solve world problems.

To my fellow simp’s of human progress, who wish for a new paradigm, who seek to use their lives to introduce new systems that will change the world, I ask you to read the articles to put meat on the skeleton you have formed of how the meritocratic society will structurally solve world problems through clicking the following link: ARTICLES

To the rest of you, thank you for reading and not listening to my advice, I wish you well in your journeys in life and I hope I added to your knowledge of novel architecture which is what this will seem to you!