MAMA is a new philosophy that posits that we should use MAMA play to embody stereotypes for all the emotional experience we need and use our real lives to embody stereotypes according to social situations.

MAMA play is a new perform performance art that allows people to embody a specific stereotype through acting as a character in the story.

MAMA play is made possible by a MAMA studio which provides the other characters, setting, clothes and accessories needed to act the play.

MAMA play uses 12 main stereotypes and all other stereotypes are defined as some form of the 12 main stereotypes.

The 12 main stereotypes MAMA play uses are: Innocent stereotype, Regular person stereotype, Hero stereotype, Caregiver stereotype, Explorer stereotype, Rebel stereotype, Lover stereotype, Creator stereotype, Jester stereotype, Sage stereotype, Magician stereotype and Ruler stereotype.

So the rebel stereotype includes the alphamale stereotype, the macho man stereotype, the physical abuser stereotype etc.

The care giver stereotype includes the caring mother, loving nurse, helpful bystander etc.

MAMA plays are divided into two: Simple MAMA Plays and Complex MAMA Plays.

Simple MAMA Plays are MAMA plays whose scenes are continuous. This means that when you start acting a simple MAMA play you don’t stop until you finish the MAMA play. To read about different simple MAMA plays click below: SIMPLE MAMA PLAYS

Complex MAMA Plays are MAMA plays whose scenes are discontinuous. This means that there will be rest periods between the MAMA plays where you change clothes or receive instructions for the other scenes. To read about different complex MAMA plays click below: COMPLEX MAMA PLAYS