MAMA WORLD is a fictional world about a utopian society where everyone can obtain their basic, emotional and rational needs.

The aim of MAMA WORLD is to educate people about how we can reach a utopian society and show them how meaningful life will still be in a world where everyone can easily obtain their needs.

The following is a summary of how the current world transitioned to become MAMA WORLD:

The big tech billionaire

A US big tech billionaire decides to create MAMA apartments as an experiment to learn about how a society ruled by an online direct democratic system would grow or perish in the real world.

MAMA apartments are apartments connected to a food hub that handles all chores involved with food and a clothes hub that handles all chores involved with clothes.

When someone living in MAMA apartments needs food or clothes, they order them from the food or clothes hub and they are brought to them by pods that pass through an elevator system.

When they finish eating or wearing the food or clothes, they return the dirty dishes or clothes using the pods to the food or clothes hubs were they are cleaned and stored.

The apartments don’t need a kitchen, closet, appliances etc. and were designed to be fully cleaned by autonomous robots.

The apartments are governed by an online direct democratic government that residents can use to decide how the apartments are run and how the profits from the hubs are used.

The billionaire creates 50 MAMA apartments, with each having more than a 100 residents and leaves full power to the residents who co own and control them through the online direct democratic government.

The woke hijack

Most of the apartments end up being occupied by marginalized people who support the woke culture and hence the online direct democratic government is filled with agendas to use profits from the hubs to promote the woke culture.

The winning formula of the best method to promote the woke culture in the governments is to use the revenue from the hubs to build other apartments in a town or city so that the cost of the real estate in the area goes down allowing the government to buy the real estate at a bargain.

The plan was to then use the real estate to create community hubs which are businesses that offer people the opportunity to live other lives through providing them with venues, accessories, characters and stories so that they can express their harmful emotions in a safe environment and be as inoffensive as possible in their main life hence leading to a world where no one is harmed or offended.

The plans succeed and this leads allowing the government of the apartments to promote a new morality that people should be as inoffensive as possible in their main life and use their other lives in the community hubs to safely express all their harmful emotions.

The elite hijack

Big business and Governments all over the world take note of their successful formula and decide to get in on the business.

They go on to build their own MAMA apartments which leads to more people moving out of their current homes and into the apartments freeing up more infrastructure which they use to build community hubs and make a profit from selling other lives.

This results in populations of most countries living in MAMA apartments and big businesses and governments owning most of the venues of the community hub.

Because most people now have experience with decentralized governments from living in MAMA apartments, a grass root movement forms, which seeks to unite all the different decentralized governments running MAMA apartments and form one big decentralized world government.

This movement threatens the interest of big business and big government hence they crush it by promoting nationalism and sectarianism which attracts most people as the populations of the world still doesn’t have one identity.

The experiment

An independent Chinese research facility successfully creates an artificial cell from inorganic material.

From this experiment, they discover that life is high valued energy quantum entangled to low valued energy which it uses to simplify its calculations on how to combine to achieve thermodynamic equilibrium.

The owners of the facility then decide to post their findings and methods freely online so that other scientists can also learn from their success.

This leads to the formation of a new religion which promotes the findings of the experiment and this religion is able to become the biggest religion in the world as its truths can be proved through creating life from inorganic material.

The dominance of this religion leads to the reinvigoration of the movement to form one decentralized world government since it allows for the first time in history, most people to have the same identity which leads to sectarian or nationalist politics not working on the populations of the world.

Big business and government finally lose their power and one decentralized world government is formed leading to the creation of MAMA WORLD.


To learn about the technical details of the direct democratic government that rules MAMA WORLD, technical details of the religion that has scientific foundations that most of the population believe in or the infrastructure that allowed MAMA WORLD to have a post scarcity economy, click below:

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