MAMA WORLD religion

MAMA WORLD is a fictional world about a utopian society where everyone can obtain their basic, emotional and rational needs.

The aim of MAMA WORLD is to educate people about how we can reach a utopian society and show them how meaningful life will still be in a world where everyone can easily obtain their needs.

The following is a summary of the religion of most of the population of MAMA WORLD:

AI philosophical model

After the success of the experiment to create artificial cells from inorganic material, scientists used an AI to create a simple philosophical model that normal people could use to understand the truths discovered in the experiment.

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The following is the simple philosophical model the AI came up with:

What is existence?

Existence consists of monads that are infinite positive and negative numbers that sum up to zero making existence both something and nothing.

Monads = 1+2+3+4……+ infinity -1-2-3-4…….- infinity = 0

Something: 1+2+3+4……+ infinity -1-2-3-4…….- infinity

Nothing: 0

So existence is something because monads consist of numbers and hence everything in existence can be explained as numbers while existence is nothing because the numbers sum up to zero hence there’s no reason why it shouldn’t exist as it is nothing and hence requires nothing to exist.

What is the goal of existence?

The goal of existence is for the numbers of monads to connect with each other symmetrically.

Beginning of existence = Monad = 3-6+82+72994-221+90…..….

End of existence = Monad = 1+2+3+4……+ infinity -1-2-3-4…….- infinity

Hence in the beginning of existence, the numbers of monads are connected asymmetrically and in the end of existence, the numbers are connected symmetrically.

What is the physical world?

The physical world is low valued numbers of monads collectively connecting themselves symmetrically.

Before the big bang, the low valued numbers of monads are asymmetrically connected but they sum up to zero.

Before big bang = monad = 21-373+736+829-357+635…….. = 0 = existence is dimensionless

When the big bang happens, the low valued numbers of monads start exchanging places with each other trying to symmetrically connect.

After big bang = monad = 22-373+736+829-357+635…….. = 1 = existence is dimensional

In the example above, 21 of one monad exchanges with 22 of another monad leading to the numbers of monads no longer summing up to zero and hence making existence dimensional.

Hence the physical world or the dimensional world is a result of low valued numbers of monads collectively exchanging places leading to the monads no longer summing up to zero, creating the physical world.

What is life?

Life is high valued numbers of monads using low valued numbers with similar value difference to simplify their calculations

High valued numbers: 6710+6720+6730+……..

Low valued numbers: 10+20+30+……

The high valued numbers 6710+6720+6730+…….. have a similar value difference with the low valued numbers 10+20+30+…… and hence the high valued numbers can use the low valued numbers to calculate the next value which is 40 in the low valued numbers and 6740 in the high valued numbers.

Hence the high valued numbers use the low valued numbers to simplify their calculations because they have a similar value difference.

What is death?

Since the low valued numbers with similar value difference are not symmetrical, they can easily disconnect and hence the high valued numbers need to connect with low valued numbers that provide them with a connection equilibrium to ensure they don’t disconnect.

High valued numbers (HVN): 6710+6720+6730+……..

Low valued numbers with SVD (LVNSVD): 10+20+30+……

Low valued numbers with CE (LVNCE) : 14+26+34……

In our model, we assume that the numbers exchange when they connect with numbers with lower values.

Since 10 is smaller than 14, 20 is smaller than 26 and 30 is smaller than 34 they cannot disconnect and hence the low valued numbers can maintain their similar value difference with the high valued numbers.

When the low valued numbers with connection equilibrium have lower values than the low valued numbers with similar value difference due to exchanging with other numbers, the low valued numbers lose their similar value difference.

LVNCE exchange and have lower values

HVN: 6710+6720+6730+……..

LVNSVD: 10+20+30+……

LVNCE: 4+6+3……

LVNSVD exchanges with LVNCE

HVN: 6710+6720+6730+……..

LVNSVD: 4+6+3……

LVNCE: 10+20+30+……

Since the LVNSVD: 4+6+3…… no longer has any similar value difference with HVN: 6710+6720+6730…. , the HVN can no longer control it and hence this leads to death.

Hence death happens when the LVNSVD loses its similar value difference making the HVN no longer able to control them.

What is reincarnation?

When HVN connect with LVNSD and LVNCE, they can only help them simplify the calculations for those high valued numbers.

But the monad has many high valued numbers and hence the LVNSVD and LVNCE the HVN connects with, not only needs to help them simplify their calculations but also help them to connect with other LVNSVD and LVNCE.

Therefore reincarnation is the process of the HVN connecting with LVNSVD and LVNCE that it can use to connect with other LVNCE and LVNSVD that it can then use to simplify their calculations.

All new LVNSVD and LVNCE connected to HVN are a combination of the current LVNSVD and LVNCE it has connected with.

This means that the number and complexity of LVNSVD and LVNCE a HVN connects with during reincarnation determines the LVNSVD and LVNCE it can connect with in its life.

Therefore each species has its own limit on the number and complexity of LVNSVD and LVNCE the HVN can connect with which is determined by the LVNSVD and LVNCE it connects with during reincarnation.

You can’t connect LVNSVD without first having the correct LVNCE since it will disconnect before you even finish.

What is the meaning of life?

Most HVN have already connected with many LVNSVD in their past lives meaning that they already know how to connect them.

The reason the HVN cannot just connect previous LVNSVD is that without knowing the correct LVNCE to connect with, the LVNSVD will instantly disconnect as they are not symmetrically related.

Hence HVN can’t connect LVNSVD without first connecting the correct LVNCE to ensure the LVNSVD doesn’t disconnect.

Therefore the meaning of life is for HVN to use the LVNSVD and LVNCE it has connected with during reincarnation to connect new LVNCE so that it can connect other LVNSVD and use them to simplify their calculations or connect with more LVNCE and LVNSVD.

The following is how the HVN is able to use LVNSVD and LVNCE it has connected with to connect other LVNCE and LVNSVD:

Consider a HVN which has connected to a LVNSVD which is also connected to a LVNCE:

HVN: 6710+6720+6730+……..

LVNSVD: 10+20+30+……

LVNCE: 14+26+34+…..

The HVN can then exchange 10 and 20 to start a chain reaction:

HVN: 6710+6720+6730+……..



Since the 20 is bigger than 14 then it will exchange with 14 and start the chain reaction:

HVN: 6710+6720+6730+……..

LVNSVD: 14+10+30+……

LVNCE: 20+26+34+…..

This chain reaction can then continue to result in the connection of a new LVNCE and LVNSVD.

This process is more complex than this simple philosophical model and involves many LVNSVD and LVNCE that can be better understood through studying the scientific theory obtained from the experiment to create life from inorganic material.


This model is used by most of the population of MAMA WORLD to answer most of their metaphysical and moral questions about life.

I will be posting more articles about how the simple philosophical model produced by the AI helps explain knowledge, language, consciousness, free will etc. and how the model influences the opinion of most of the population about space exploration, eugenics, gene editing, gender changes etc.

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