MAMA play

MAMA plays are a new performance art that allows a person to act as a character in a fantasy of their choice. MAMA plays are made possible by MAMA studios which provide the characters, setting and accessories needed for the fantasy. For example:

If you want to act as a bank robber the studio will provide you with the clothes, the bank setting, the tellers, and the police etc. to act out your fantasy.

If you want to act as a good teacher the studio will provide you with the students, classroom etc. to act out your fantasy.

So through MAMA studios you can act any MAMA play you want and express emotions through the fantasy allowing you to maintain an emotional balance and live a more fulfilling life.

The goal is for people to open MAMA studios all over the world offering all kinds of MAMA plays.

To think that people will just build MAMA studios because they love MAMA plays is a pipe dream since MAMA studios need a lot of capital to pay for the characters, setting and accessories etc.

So we need to provide an easier method to allow people to see the benefit of MAMA plays and build an audience around it before people start opening MAMA studio businesses.

The simpler format of MAMA plays is called virtual MAMA plays which are MAMA plays that can be performed through texts, audio calls, video calls meaning they do not require a MAMA studio to be performed.

Since virtual MAMA plays can easily be done, they will allow people to become familiar with MAMA plays and build a worldwide audience. Virtual MAMA plays will be offered in an app like Omegle or Chathub that allows you to perform the play with random people from all over the world.

This app will allow people to easily find Virtual MAMA plays and also find performers to perform the play with. Once the app becomes main stream people can start offering MAMA studio services for their country since there will already have an audience for it.

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MAMA plays have a lot of advantages which I explain in videos I post on my YouTube channel. To watch the YouTube videos you can click the link below: YouTube

So the current hurdle I am facing is building the app for the virtual MAMA plays. If you would like to support the project and help make MAMA plays a reality consider supporting on Patreon at: Patreon