MAMA play

MAMA play is a new performance art possible in a post automated world that allows a person to express their emotions through embodying a character in a fantasy.

MAMA plays are made possible by MAMA studios which provide the venues, characters, accessories and story you need to act as a character in a fantasy.

Through MAMA play you can be any character such as a celebrity, musician, CEO, detective, thief, jerk etc. and obtain the emotional experience derived from embodying them.

The following is how MAMA play works:

The first step is choosing the life story with the main character a person wants to embody.

The first step is choosing the life story you want. The story can be about anything and will allow you to embody a stereotype of your choice as the main character.

The story can be scripted, semi scripted, unscripted, game like etc. depending on the choice of the playing character. The process of choosing the life story is done in the MAMA play App.

The second step is to choose a MAMA studio

The second step is to pay a MAMA studio which will provide the venues and accessories needed for the play.

The venues include houses, shops, conference rooms, school, and court room etc. where the episodes of the life story will take place.

The accessories include clothes, shoes and all other accessories needed in the episodes of the life story. The process of choosing the MAMA studio is done in the MAMA play App.

The third step is to choose other characters for the life story

The third step is choosing the people who will act as characters in the person’s life story. The characters include supporting and non playing characters.

Supporting characters are characters that you will be interacting with in the episode and non-playing characters are characters you won’t be interacting with during the episode. The process of choosing the other characters is done in the MAMA play App.

Supporting and non playing characters make the bulk of people who are employed through MAMA play.

Acting the MAMA play

After choosing the life story, MAMA studio and other characters through the MAMA play app, the person can then set dates to perform the episodes in the venues.

After paying the MAMA studio and obtaining characters for your life story you can then act your life story through episodes.


So MAMA plays can allow you to act as any life story or character and allow you to experience emotions in a safe environment.

MAMA plays are perfect for employment because the supporting or non-playing characters job cannot be easily automated unlike current digital artistic jobs and can employ a huge number of people unlike current physical artistic jobs. Let us now look at why MAMA play is both of those: