Learning a short story

MAMA WORLD is a fictional world about a post scarcity society where everyone can obtain their needs.

People in MAMA WORLD believe in MAMA philosophy which is a philosophy that posits that the meaning of life is to gain knowledge and help in human progress.

My goal with MAMA WORLD is to educate others on how we can become a post scarcity society and how life would be like in such a world.

 This is a short story that explains how in MAMA WORLD people will be able to express their harmful emotions of bullying in a safe environment, enjoy:

This is a short story that explains how in MAMA WORLD people use silent dictation to learn instead of pen or paper since it’s faster and more comfortable. Enjoy:


Mrs. Lee was a dedicated 3rd grade math teacher who believed that math was one of the most important subjects that her students could learn.

She loved to challenge her students with complex problems and watched with pride as they grew more confident in their abilities.

One day as the students filled into the classroom, Mrs. Lee greeted them with a smile and a stack of calculus problems.

The students groaned when they saw the projector display filled with equations and numbers, but Mrs. Lee was undeterred.

“Today, we are going to work on some challenging problems,” she said, her eyes sparkling with excitement. “I know you can do it!”

The students then settled into their seats, and took out their tablets. They then activated their neck wearable devices by taking out their tongues, causing a small protrusion to emerge from the neck device and be fixed in front of their mouth.

They then logged into their classroom portal and found 150 questions waiting for them. Mrs. Lee explained the rules, and the students got to work.

The students controlled their tablets and did the questions through using their neck devices to silently dictate commands into their tablets.

The questions were challenging, but the students were up to the task and silent dictation made it easier to do the questions.

 They used their knowledge of addition, subtraction, division and multiplication to solve the problems. They worked at their own pace, and Mrs. Lee was able to monitor their progress in real-time.

After completing the set of questions, Mrs. Lee gathered the students together to discuss their experience.

 “It’s now time for you guys to ask me questions about today’s lesson” said Mrs. Lee as she stood up from her chair in front of the classroom.

“Sorry Mrs. Lee, the question is out of topic, but why do you guys call silent dictation, writing?” asked one student.

“Don’t worry. Well, we like calling it writing because in the past, we didn’t use silent dictation to do math’s, we used something called writing which involved using a pen and paper,” replied Mrs. Lee.

 “Wow, when did we switch from writing into silent dictation?” asked another student.

“We only switched to silent dictation when the MAMA WORLD revolution happened although silent dictation as a technology was available for almost 30 years prior to that point,” replied Mrs. Lee.

 “Why didn’t people switch to silent dictation in the 30 years that it was present?” asked another student.

“Well, although dictation is 21 times faster than writing and 7 times faster than typing, the world back then was not a post scarcity society.

We had no healthcare programs, some people struggled to obtain their basic needs etc. and hence human progress wasn’t streamlined as it is today,” replied Mrs. Lee with a smile.

 “Wow, so if we were in the past, we wouldn’t be studying calculus at 3rd grade?” asked another student.

“Ha-ha, of course, you would still be learning fractions or decimals. I didn’t learn calculus until I was 13 and that’s because I loved math but most people don’t learn it until they go to college.

And it wasn’t even just because we used pen and paper that education was slow and clunky, it also wasn’t valued as much by most people,” replied Mrs. Lee.

“Why wasn’t education valued Mrs. Lee,” asked another student.

“Well, we studied to get a job and the job market was saturated and hence it didn’t make much sense studying for employment.

And even if you wanted to study in order to help in human progress, it wasn’t easy as the research jobs were few and so most people ended up being simp’s of human progress following the technological progress in forums in different social media channels.

It’s enough history for today, now ask me questions related to the calculus problems you did today” said an emotional Mrs. Lee.

They then continued with the questions and after the class, Mrs. Lee met up with Miss Ramirez. They had been friends for a long time and often spent time together.

They had planned to go to the schools swimming pool and so after the final bell rang, they quickly changed into their swimsuits and headed to the pool.

The pool was located a few blocks away from the school, so they walked there, chatting about their day and how excited they were to go for a swim.

When they arrived at the pool, they were surprised to see that it was mostly empty. There were a few kids playing in the shallow end, but other than that, they had the pool to themselves.

They jumped into the water, feeling the coolness wash over them. Miss Ramirez did a few laps, while Mrs. Lee did some cannonballs off the diving board.

They were having a blast and after a while, they decided to take a break and sit by the side of the pool.

“How was your day?” asked Miss Ramirez as she put her hands on the back of her head on the recliner beach bed she was laying on.

“It was interesting, the kids asked me questions about why we call dictation writing ha-ha” Mrs. Lee happily replied.

“Damn, it makes me feel old that I know what writing is. Do you remember how we used to struggle to self study because of the slowness of pen and paper?” asked Miss Ramirez

“Yes, you needed a desk, a chair, notebooks, a pen, rough books etc. just to practice 20 or 30 questions while you can now practice 100 questions in less time while laying on your bed using a tablet and silent dictation,” replied Mrs. Lee.

“I was never good in maths or the STEM subjects because I didn’t practice enough and I can blame pen and paper for that.

It always amazes me how we all struggled using pen and paper to practice math or STEM  questions but never thought of creating a solution to use touch screen typing or dictation,” replied Miss Ramirez as she sat up from her recliner bed.

“You know what” said Mrs. Lee as she sat up, “Even today, there are things that will be revolutionized by a simple change that we all cannot see now.”

They then continued talking about their lives outside of school, and Miss Ramirez shared that she had just gotten engaged. Mrs. Lee was thrilled for her and couldn’t wait to meet her fiancée.

As they talked, they noticed a young girl struggling to swim in the deep end. They immediately jumped back into the water and swam over to her. Miss Ramirez held the girl’s head above water while Mrs. Lee guided her to the side of the pool.

The life guard who was asleep during the commotion rushed over, thanking them profusely for their help.

The young girl then explained that she had just learned to swim and was still getting used to the deep end.

Miss Ramirez and Mrs. Lee were glad to have been able to help and returned to their conversation. They talked about the importance of learning how to swim and how much they loved being in the water.

As the sun began to set, they realized they had been at the pool for hours. They quickly changed back into their clothes and walked back to the school, feeling refreshed and energized.


I hope you enjoyed the story and was able to see the merits of replacing writing in schools or learning with typing or dictation since they are faster and easier to use.

Writing has been phased out in offices and companies but it still remains the dominant form of input method in schools and learning.

Although lobbying efforts done by publishing and paper companies to ensure they still sell books and papers are part of the blame, we also need to build a great product that allows people to learn math and stem subjects using typing or dictation instead of writing.

I would have loved to work on this product but since I currently aren’t able to due to financial reasons, I ask my fellow simp’s of human progress to try and come up with a solution to this so that everyone in the world can benefit.

This problem is also dear to me as I come from Africa were we have a median age of more or less 21, and hence if we don’t educate the young then we will lose all our potential and I think changing from writing to silent dictation or even typing will be one of the key solutions to educating the youth.

Yes, education has a lot of other factors that decide if someone is able to learn or not but as Jean Paul Sartre said, “There might be more beautiful times, but this one is ours!”

So let us use it to the best of our abilities and ensure we help in human progress.

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