This article is written for people, who find it honorable, to spend their time thinking of the best government system we can implement that will have the people’s interest at heart.

If that doesn’t describe you, please stop reading this article.

This article is written for those who honestly feel anger and sadness whenever they hear about politicians using public money for their own personal benefit.

If that’s not you, just stop reading this article!

For those still reading, hello my fellow simp’s of human progress!

The Meritocratic society is a new societal model that, if adopted, can structurally solve most global problems.

This article talks about how, if adopted, the Meritocratic society can structurally allow us to introduce a fair and just government system.

Let us now start the article by discussing what lead me to create the Meritocratic society from the perspective of creating and introducing a fair and just government system:

The back story

The government is responsible for many social problems such as war, famine, lack of education, poor healthcare, bad infrastructure etc.

This has led most of us who care about humanity to think of the best government system that will ensure all decisions made by the government are in the best interest of the people.

The most common line of thinking is that our current representative democracies are the best form of government and the problem is just that we don’t choose good leaders.

And hence most simp’s of human progress continue trying to engage in the electoral process so that the best leader can get to power and make the correct decisions for the people.

Like most simp’s of human progress, I started my journey to create the best government system, by thinking that representative democracy wasn’t the problem and that the problem was the leaders we chose.

After further inspection, I gained the insight that, representative democracy was actually a replacement for direct democracy, as the technology of the past didn’t allow for a direct democratic system to be implemented in a large society.

I then realized that, with the internet, Smartphone’s and the overall progress in communication technology, we now have the capability to try out direct democracy in our countries.

My first instinct was to try and think of a method to directly change our current representative democracies into direct democracies.

I first tried the bottom-up approach by thinking of implementing a direct democracy through people voting for local leaders who promise to make decisions based on the local residents voting in a local app.

I then researched and found that this approach is to some degree already implemented in some areas (town hall meetings) and it can’t go all the way, as most positions in government are not elected and are instead chosen by the top elected officials.

So I concluded that trying to implement a direct democracy from the bottom ranks of leadership won’t lead us to implementing a direct democracy to the top ranks of leadership.

I then tried the Up-bottom approach by thinking of implementing a direct democracy through people voting for a president, who will then try and implement a direct democracy.

I quickly figured this won’t work, as most laws in a country have to pass in some kind of parliament and hence we will have to also vote for parliamentarians who support a direct democracy.

I gave up on this approach as I realized the chances of that happening are slim and even if they wanted to implement a direct democracy, our current government system wasn’t designed for it and hence we would first need to develop a new government system designed for direct democracy.

So doing what any simp of human progress would do, I decided to try and create a new government system from scratch that is designed for direct democracy.

The government system I came up with was the meritocratic government.

The meritocratic government is a new government system that seeks to give everyone the ability to participate in government decision making without being represented by parliamentarians, ministers or a president.

It consists of institutions that people can join through passing online merit tests.

Once they are members of an institution, they can vote on or propose bills to change regulations or policies of the government.

I expanded on this government system and created its local and federal versions, explained how the institutions would work, types of membership in institutions, types of bills etc.

But after creating and expanding it, I realized that, without a method to test or implement the government, there was no point in continuing to expand it.

Being the simp of human progress I am, I continued on this rabbit hole and decided to create an intentional community that can be used to test the government system.

The intentional community I came up with was the meritocratic society:

Meritocratic society

The meritocratic society consists of 3 main infrastructures which are: Meritocratic apartments, local meritocratic government and Community hub. Let us now discuss the three:

Meritocratic apartments

Meritocratic apartments consist of houses connected to a food hub that handles all chores involved with food and a clothes hub that handles all chores involved with clothes.

When someone who lives in meritocratic apartments needs food or clothes, they order them from the food or clothes hub and they are brought to them by a pod that passes through small tunnels.

When they finish eating or wearing the food or clothes respectively, they return the dirty dishes or clothes using the pod that passes through a small tunnel to the food or clothes hub where they are cleaned and stored.

Meritocratic apartments don’t need a kitchen, closet, appliances, store etc. and hence can be designed to be simple enough to be fully cleaned by autonomous robots.

After discussing meritocratic apartments, let us now discuss the local meritocratic government:

Local meritocratic government

Meritocratic apartments are fully dependent on the food and clothes hub which are collectively used by the residents of the apartments.

 Hence for the concept of ownership of a meritocratic apartment to make sense, all residents must have the ability to influence and decide how the hubs are run and how the profits of the hubs are used.

Because of this reason, meritocratic apartments are governed by a decentralized government system that uses direct democracy called the local meritocratic government.

The local meritocratic government consists of institutions that residents can join through passing merit tests.

Once they are members of an institution they can vote on or propose bills to change regulations or policies of the government.

Hence residents of the local meritocratic apartments could pass merit tests for the food institution which might include questions about how the food hub operates or where the food hub buys its ingredients from, and when they become a member, propose a bill for the profits of the food hub to be used to purchase certain automation, start a garden etc.

After discussing the importance of the local meritocratic government, let us discuss the community hub:

Community hub

The sheer nature and complexity of meritocratic apartments, makes it extremely expensive and complex to build by upgrading existing apartments or houses.

This means that, in most cases, meritocratic apartments will be built from scratch and people will have to switch from living in their current homes to living in meritocratic apartments.

This leads to the problem of what will people do with their current houses or apartments. Renting is out of the question, as doing so, will defeat the goal of making people live in meritocratic apartments.

If meritocratic apartments become the main form of living, they will also lead to the close down of many businesses that rely on the current architecture where residents have to do house chores such as businesses that sold groceries, small shops, businesses that sold utensils, clothes shops etc.

So the fundamental idea of meritocratic apartments will lead to many of our current infrastructure dropping in value and having no use.

Because of this reason, once meritocratic apartments become the main form of housing in an area, they will run a community hub that will allow people to embody different stereotypes through providing them with infrastructure such as venues, accessories, characters and life stories. 

The meritocratic government will obtain venues and accessories from residents who owned houses, shops etc. that have been made useless or dropped in value because of meritocratic apartments.

The meritocratic government will hire people who have lost their jobs because of meritocratic apartments as characters who act in other people’s lives.

The community hub will become viable once meritocratic apartments start to become the main form of housing in an area.

Federal meritocratic government

The federal meritocratic government is the government that governs a collective of meritocratic societies.

Just like the local meritocratic government, the federal meritocratic government consists of institutions that members of all local meritocratic governments can join through passing merit tests.

Once they pass merit tests and become a member of an institution, they can then vote on or propose bills to change policies or regulations of the institutions.

The federal meritocratic government will take form once a number of meritocratic societies exist.

Depending on the number of residents and properties of the collective of meritocratic societies, the federal meritocratic government will be governing millions of people and handling billions in revenue.


Hence through the local meritocratic government, we can test the viability and strengths of the direct democracy of a local meritocratic government and through the federal meritocratic government we can test the ability of the direct democracy of a federal meritocratic government to govern a population.

Once we have successfully managed to implement the federal and local meritocratic governments and proven their viability, we can then push for power so that we can implement the meritocratic government as the main form of government in a country or try and make most of the population live in a meritocratic society.

I have explained the technical details of the meritocratic society such as how we can implement it, the prerequisite technologies needed, how the hubs work, how the government system works etc. in my patreon.

I have also written short stories set in a meritocratic society to help my fellow simp’s of human progress understand how life in a meritocratic society will be like.

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To my fellow simp’s of human progress, thank you for reading this article and I hope you now have a better understanding of how we can create a better government system.

To the many too many who read this article even though they are not simp’s of human progress, thank you for not listening to my advice and I hope this inspires you to become a simp of human progress.

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