Evolution of the internet of transportation

MAMA WORLD is a fictional world about a utopian society where everyone can obtain their basic, emotional and rational needs.

The aim of MAMA WORLD is to educate people about how we can reach a utopian society and show them how meaningful life will still be in a world where everyone can easily obtain their needs.

The internet of transportation is a new means of transport which consists of small tunnels that can individually transport goods and people through pods that pass through small tunnels.

The pods that used in the internet of transportation use line following technology to move through the small tunnels.

People are transported through the internet of transportation through first boarding the pod while standing up and the pod dropping to the horizontal position and transporting the person while in the horizontal position.

When the pod arrives at the location, it returns to the vertical position and the person gets out of the pod.

In this article we are going to discuss the evolution of the internet of transportation during the transition of the current world to becoming MAMA WORLD.

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1st version

The first version of the internet of transportation was as a transport network between the hubs and apartment buildings of the MAMA apartments.

This happened when the first residents decided to build MAMA apartments to drive the cost of real estate in an area down.

Their style involved building huge food and clothes hubs and then building multiple apartments complexes in the surrounding area.

This meant that there had to be small tunnels to transport goods from the hubs to the apartment buildings before the pods could use the elevator system of the apartment buildings.

This small tunnel system between the hubs and the different apartment buildings formed the first version of the internet of transportation.

2nd version

The second version of the internet of transportation was as a transport network between the entrance locations of the community hub and the different venues of the community hub.

This 2nd version was created when governments and big businesses started creating MAMA apartments.

Their style involved taking over many real estates and then building small tunnels to each of the real estates that transported people to locations using pods that passed through the small tunnels.

They used the internet of transportation for this so that people and goods can easily travel to locations within the community hub and as an easy way to maintain suspense of reality for peoples other lives.

The 2nd version allowed people to experience the comfort and convenience of using the internet of transportation as a means of transportation.

3rd version

The third version of the internet of transportation was as a transport network between different locations in MAMA WORLD.

The 3rd version was created when the decentralized world government was formed which decided to connect most locations with the small tunnel roads to form the internet of transportation.

They did this to allow all locations to have access to the hubs and provide residents with a public transportation system that focused on transporting individual people rather than a group of people.

Hence in MAMA WORLD, the internet of transportation is the main form of public transportation used by residents of MAMA apartments for transport and the main form of transportation used to transport goods between different locations.


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