Evolution of MAMA apartments

MAMA WORLD is a fictional world about a utopian society where everyone can obtain their basic, emotional and rational needs.

The aim of MAMA WORLD is to educate people about how we can reach a utopian society and show them how meaningful life will still be in a world where everyone can easily obtain their needs.

MAMA apartments are apartments connected to a food hub that handles all chores involved with food and a clothes hub that handles all chores involved with clothes.

When someone living in MAMA apartments needs food or clothes, they order them from the food or clothes hub and they are brought to them by pods that pass through an elevator system.

When they finish eating or wearing the food or clothes, they return the dirty dishes or clothes using the pods to the food or clothes hubs were they are cleaned and stored.

The apartments don’t need a kitchen, closet, appliances etc. and were designed to be fully cleaned by autonomous robots.

In this article we are going to discuss the evolution of MAMA apartments during the transition of the current world to becoming MAMA WORLD.

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1st version

When the big tech US billionaire created the first MAMA apartments, they mostly focused on allowing residents to collectively live a frugal lifestyle and reduce their cost of living giving them more time and resources to do other things.

In these apartments residents had to eat scheduled meals so that the work of the workers in the food hub could be simpler.

They also had to use shared clothes so that the work of the workers in the clothes hub could be simpler.

The houses also mostly consisted of micro apartments which allowed more people to live in the apartments.

This is why the apartments mostly attracted the marginalized groups who were ready to live in the planned lifestyle in exchange for having their own apartments and gaining power through the meritocratic government.

2nd version

The 2nd version of MAMA apartments happened when the marginalized decided to build other MAMA apartments so that they can buy up real estate to use for the community hub.

The 2nd version allowed residents to order different foods at different times and also allowed them to cook their own food through ordering equipment and returning them once done.

The 2nd version also allowed residents to own their own clothes and even store and wash a small amount of their clothes (mostly undergarments).

The houses were also bigger in size and had less restrictive rules in terms of what residents can do or add to them.

The 2nd version was meant to attract normal people to live in MAMA apartments and hence the hubs and houses had more relaxed rules.

3rd version

The 3rd version of MAMA apartments happened when big business and big government started creating their own MAMA apartments.

The 3rd version created the first fully automated food and clothes hub which significantly reduced the cost of running the hubs and allowed residents to significantly reduce their cost of living.

Since the houses could also be fully cleaned with autonomous self cleaning robots, the 3rd version created the first fully automated homes.


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