MAMA architecture is certainly the future and is what people like Buckminster fuller, Jacque fresco etc. have been suggesting when they envision a world where basic needs are free and chores are done by machines.

Once MAMA architecture gives us the dream of full home automation we can move on to fully automate the production of food, clothes and shelter to ensure everyone on earth can live freely without having to pay a single dime.

What remains now for MAMA architecture to become a reality is to promote it and fund the research and development of the technologies.

The three main expenses in any research and development operation are wages of workers, cost of equipment and cost of contractors if any.

Now for research and development to create technologies such as MAMA architecture which only require combining existing technologies, the biggest expense is wages for the engineers who will build the system.

Because of this I aim to develop the technology from Tanzania in East Africa were wages are low hence the cost of research and development of all systems required for MAMA architecture is low.

Once these technologies are created, any group of people anywhere in the world can buy the equipment and build their own MAMA apartment allowing them to enjoy the benefits of MAMA architecture.

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As I said in the disadvantage section that all automation technology are faced with the problem of cost of upgrade and the problem of causing unemployment.

 In other words all automation technology have a bad conscious in most people’s mind because we still don’t know what we will be doing once all work has been automated.

People say I love driving and don’t think self driving solves anything or that they love house chores and don’t think MAMA architecture adds anything etc. and this is all caused by the fear of not knowing what they will be doing in a fully automated world.

That is what I address in my other book called “Why Role play is the future of work” which analyzes how role play and fantasies are the future of work.

The book analyzes the problem from a psychological perspective and helps build a case for why role play is the key for us to achieve full automation.

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