Chapter 6

The offer

Dean left for Texas both happy and sad. He then arrived in Texas and stayed in a house in the meritocratic society that owned the venues they were going to use. In the morning, he went to the meeting area for the life story.

“Hello Dean” said a tall slender girl.

“Hello Ashley” replied Dean.

“Thank you for the beautiful life story, I really look forward to living it” said a shy Ashley.

“You’re welcome, let’s enjoy it” said an excited Dean.

They then lived the life story which lasted five days with them living in character. Dean really enjoyed the episode and was happy that he was able to finally do the cowboy life story he always wanted to do.

After the life story, Dean was busy answering texts and making calls in the menu room since he was unavailable for 5 days. Suddenly he heard a knock on the door.

“Hi Dean, can I come in” said Ashley

“Yes, please do” replied Dean as he fixed the costumes so Ashley can have a place to sit

“Thank you a lot for the life story. I really enjoyed it and I feel like I haven’t done you justice since I bought it for so low while it seems you put so much effort and time into it as it looks like a 20 people project” said Ashley

“Don’t worry Ashley; I always wanted to do the life story, so the cost wasn’t my goal but to live it. Don’t feel bad about it, I am happy to have been one of the supporting characters” replied Dean.

“Okay, I want to give you an offer as a token of thank you for the life story you produced” replied Ashley.

“If you insist, what is the offer?” replied Dean.

“My offer is that I am going to pay you for the life story in the market price since it’s the least I can do to acknowledge and respect the time and effort you have put into making the life story” replied Ashley.

“Thank you Ashley, I really appreciate the kind gesture” replied a surprised Dean.

“Okay, I gotta go, we will keep in touch, I will send the money once I touch my phone” said Ashley as she was going away.

“Okay, thanks, you take care” replied Dean.

Dean was happy that he got the money and knew exactly what he will use it for. He then proceeded to have a bath and go to the airport to go back to Canada.


“Hi Kristi” said Dean

“Hi babe” replied Kristi

“I got money from the life story” said a happy Dean.

“Hmm, what will use it for? To start your own school or invest in education?” asked Kristi

“I will invest it in education for the food hub so that my merit score increases and then I will post the bill again and hope it passes” replied a confident Dean.

“Well, I really hope that works,” replied Kristi as she hugged Dean.

The bill

Dean then proposed the bill again and in the day of the bill result they sat with Kristi.

“Baby I am sure your bill will pass” said Kristi to an anxious Dean as 1 minute remained until the bill results were out.

“Babe I can’t look at the results, please help me out” said dean as he passed his phone to Kristi.

“Okay, the results are, oh” said Kristi

“Just tell me Kristi, please” shouted Dean

“It passed!!!” said Kristi as she jumped from the bed

Dean put his head on the table and started sobbing as he couldn’t hold the emotions.

“I love you babe” said Kristi as she embraced Dean.