Chapter 5

The good news

“Hi Kristi” said Dean.

“Hey, how did the family meeting go?” asked Kristi

“It went well and I am happy” replied Dean

“That’s great, what flash life do you want us to live today?” inquired Kristi

“I don’t want any flash life!” said Dean

“Why? Are you so tired of them?” asked Kristi

“Nope, it’s because I have a surprise and the surprise will be the flash life!” replied Dean

“Okay I am on my way, what should I wear?” asked Kristi

“Something loose because there will be a whole lot of jumping and hugging!” replied Dean

“Ok babe, looking forward to seeing you” said Kristi and hang up.

Dean then had a bath and changed his bed sheets by ordering new ones from the clothes hub.

 “I really look forward to the bed sheet changer robot which they have promised will be available by the end of the year” said Dean as he was changing his bed sheets.

After he finished changing the bed sheets, he continued working on editing the script of the life story to the buyers liking.

“Can I come in?” said Kristi

“Yes please do” replied Dean.

Kristi entered the room and seeing dean still busy with his phone on the bed, she jumped right on him. “Ha-ha hey, I missed you” said Dean as he put his phone away.

“Whats up” said Kristi as she stared in Deans face.

“If you don’t move on top of me you know what will be up” said Dean as he pushed Kristi off him.

“There’s some good news” said Dean as he sat on the edge of the bed.

“I also have some good news” said Kristi.

“Go on, tell me babe” said Dean as he sat on the bed.

“There was a competition organized in our meritocratic society for cooking and the winner will get their own cooking school funded, I have added you in and already paid the entrance fee” said Kristi.

“Ohh thank you so much babe, what date is it?” asked Dean

“17th June!” replied Kristi.

Dean couldn’t hide his disappointment since it was the same date as the cowboy life.

“Whats wrong babe, aren’t you excited?” asked Kristi

“I am but it’s just that, well, so after the bill failed, I decided to post my cowboy life on the app with the hope someone will buy it” answered Dean.

“And did some one buy it?”Asked an excited Kristi as she kneeled on the bed

Dean stood up and then turned in the direction of Kristi and nodded. Kristi couldn’t hide her excitement and jumped on Dean and held him as if he was a vine that she needed to hold so she doesn’t fall in the abyss.

“Congratulations babe, I am so proud of you, now everything is going as planned. You are going to act the cowboy life and also win the prize money needed to start your cooking school” said Kristi as she hugged him.

“There’s just one problem” said a robotic Dean.

“What is it?” inquired a confused Kristi as she jumped off Dean.

“They happen on the same date!” murmured Dean as he sat on the chair and put his head on the table.

“OH don’t feel bad, what do you mean by the same date?” asked Kristi

“Well, the cowboy life happens on 15th July to 20th July and the competition is on 17th July and so I will have to choose one” said a dejected Dean.

“Don’t worry babe, the buyer will accept to change dates” hushed Kristi as she tried to raise his spirits.

“Let’s just sleep and we will see how it goes” replied a smiling Dean as he carried Kristi to bed but inside, he still thought about having to decide on one thing.

The bad news

Dean woke up early for a supporting character skit. He washed up, ordered the concealment clothes and left Kristi in the room. He then ordered a taxi to the venue he was supposed to be in. In the taxi all he could think about was the decision he had to make.

In the end he concluded that he could do both and hence got out of the Taxi with a good conscience. Today he was going to act a sad scene with the abusive father physically abusing him as he tries to stop him from hitting his sister.

Dean was able to get this job because of his history learning professional wrestling which made him a good fit for that position. As he was wearing the episode clothes a phone rang on his phone.

“Hello, who is this?” asked Dean

“Hello my name is Ashley; I am the person who wants to buy your life story” replied Ashley.

“Oh hi Ashley, I am just finishing the draft and I will send it to you before the end of the week” replied Dean.

“Ok, please make the 17th of July the date we do the robbery episode since it’s the day I will be the most free on my government schedules” said Ashley in a friendly tone.

“Umh, yeah, consider it done!” replied a devastated Dean.

“Thank you!” said Ashley as she cut her phone.

Dean was now devastated since he knew he will have to make the decision sooner or later and that he has to sacrifice one.

The episode went well as Dean was already in a sad state and so he performed the character to perfection and even received a tip from the main character.

He then took a taxi back home and when he reached home, he simply sat on the table with his concealment clothes and thought long and hard about what decision he should make.

The decision

Once in his apartment he decided to call Kristi to tell her about what happened and the decision he made.

“Hey babe” said dean

 “Hi, how are you doing?” replied Kristi

“Well, I talked to the buyer and they want the main episode to be on 17th July” hushed Dean

“Oh, go on, tell me what you decided, don’t worry, I will support you no matter your decision!” replied Kristi.

“I chose the cowboy life story, I am sorry, I will pay the fee you paid” replied Dean with a soft voice.

“Don’t worry babe, you will get another chance with your cooking school project, I hope you enjoy your cowboy life story” said Kristi.

Dean had enough of drama for the day and he simply went to bed and shut off.