Chapter 5: Bill results

Ultimate battle

After 4 days the bill was down 35% to 75% and many people in the sub institution thought it wouldn’t pass since most people in the clothes institution supported the washing automation. The family had a group meeting again:

“Mom, we are not winning this, the more days go, the more people in our sub institution are giving up” said Emmy.

“You better start preparing yourself honey, you learned a lot from this experience didn’t you?” said Jim.

“We can still win this” said a defiant Tina.

“How?” said Jim and Emmy in Sync.

“Tomorrow I will propose a bill in the sub institution to advertise the bill outside the clothes institution and ask people to pass merit tests of the clothes institution to help add more voters” said Tina

“Why would people join?” asked Jim

“Because the bill will help everyone since it solves the problem of folding clothes while the washing automation bill will only help active members of the clothes institution” Replied Tina.

“Yes, but their strongest point is that they have spent nearly 6 months getting the money” said Jim.

“We have dirt on them. They have made fines for people who don’t fold clothes as a source of income and are looking out for themselves as active members and not the whole society” said Tina.

“I am not sure this will work. Why didn’t you say this earlier? Will people really leave their jobs to study for the clothes institution merit tests in these few days that remain?” asked Jim.

“If I said it earlier, the washing automation gang would have changed the merit tests to make it harder for others to join and that’s why I said it late because even if they propose a bill now, it will take two weeks to get it passed.” Said Tina

“Which by that time our bill will have already passed, mom you are a genius!” says Emmy.

The next day, Tina posted the action plan in the social media of the sub institution and people weren’t sure if it would work but as things stood it was their only hope and so everyone posted about the bill in social media of other institutions.

As predicted the washing automation proposed the merit test changes bill even though they knew it was too late. The family had another meeting in the evening of the post:

“This is really taking a toll on me, I am always looking at the percentages of the votes” said Emmy.

“Don’t worry sweetie, soon things will change” said Tina.

“Honey, I have friends who I told to go do the tests but they are saying the exams are hard” said Jim.

“Well I also created a group that focused on creating content for the merit tests to help prepare for the clothes sub institution merit tests” said Tina.

“You really are a veteran of bill wars Tina” said a mesmerized Jim.

“Yes, I have participated in bill wars in institutions of the federal meritocratic government which are more complex than this” said a proud Tina.

“Why didn’t you release the content the same day” asked Emmy.

“To play with their minds and always have them guessing.” said Tina.

They all embrace and wait to see what will happen when the content is released.

The combination of the simple content and the slogan that the folding bill helps everyone while the washing automation bill only helps active members makes many people who hate folding clothes in other institutions also join the clothes institution and finally tip the scale and pass the bill 60% to 40%.

“Mom, 5 minutes are left and the percent is 60% to 40%, we are winning” said Emmy.

“Yes baby, we have done it, it’s ours now!” said Tina.

“It’s over, we won” said Jim as all of them embraced. They then went for an episode of the cocky celebrity family life story to celebrate their win.

Buying of the folding automation

The merit test bill was already proposed and was looking like a win for the people and others didn’t want to vote for it so they were automatically removed from the institution as they didn’t want to have less merit score due to not participating in the clothes institution.

The people tasked with buying the folding automation and installing it then sent the money to the clothes institution of the federal meritocratic government and the folding automation was sent to the local meritocratic society in the next week.

They then installed it and everyone was finally free from having to fold their clothes while returning them to the clothes hub.

The washing automation was now at 50% funding and now needed 8 more months of funding from the revenue of the clothes institution to get the money needed.  The family met again for a celebration of Emmy returning clothes without having to fold them.

“Congratulations Emmy on your first successful billing war and making your contribution to society.” Said Jim

“Thank you dad. I couldn’t have done this without you” Said Emmy.

“Don’t worry; we will always be here for you. We love you” said Tina.

“Whats your current goal sweetie?” asked Jim.

“To study and become a member of the cancer sub institution and then do research on cancer treatment” said Emmy.

“Oh sweetie and I believe that you will reach those heights. Just being a member of the health institution of the federal meritocratic government at that age is an achievement in and of itself” said Jim.

“Thank you, what are your plans?” asked Emmy.

“Well, mommy is working on maglevs as you know, so I will continue with that” replied Tina.

“What about you, dad?” asked Emmy.

“My plan is to continue helping people who are helping humanity express their emotions in a safe environment through acting as a stunt man in their life stories” replied Jim.

They then all embraced and hugged each other. THE END.