Chapter 4


After a week, it was time for the monthly food institution meeting where the members look at both new and old projects that have been funded by the profits of the food institution.

Dean woke up early and prepared himself to go to the meeting. The meeting happened in the food hub area and hence Dean simply walked to the location.

Only one funding bill passed this month and the bill was to start a hydroponics farm in the food hub.

“Bullshit projects get the go ahead and my project is rejected” murmured a grumpy Dean as the person who proposed the bill was doing her presentation.

Suddenly he heard a beep of the community hub app from his phone, “This better not be spam, I thought I blocked all of them!” said a tenacious Dean as he took out the phone from his pocket.

He then opened his phone to find a notification telling him that someone wanted to buy his cowboy life story.

“Yeeeeeees!!” blurted Dean as the happiness was too much for him.

 “Is there anyone with a question?” said the presenting women as she turned to look at the audience.

“There’s nothing here, just received a positive message, sorry for blurting!” said an embarrassed Dean as everyone was looking at him.

Dean then got back on his phone. “Agghh he left a voice note” shouted Dean in his mind as he saw that the person who wanted to buy the life story left a voice message and so he had to wait until the presentation was over.

The rest of the presentation was a blur as Dean couldn’t help himself but imagine how he will finally be able to live the cowboy life story he always wanted to live.

Voice note

After the meeting was over, Dean left and now needed to travel to another meritocratic society where his parents planned a family get together episode.

He ordered a self driving taxi and once he was inside he started listening to the voice note.

“Hello dean, congratulations on writing such a brilliant story. I am a serial innovator in the transportation institution of the federal meritocratic government and hence have earned a lot of merit score and money.

The reason I chose your life story was that I loved it more than the rest and I am willing to buy it and make you the game master. But I have some changes I would like to make…….”

Dean listened to the whole voice note and was so elated that someone wanted to buy his cowboy life story and he now had to edit it out and send it again before the end of the week.

A few minutes after he finished listening to the voice note, the car arrived at the house where the family get together episode was going to take place.

Family get-together

Dean then went in and the family gathering was already full. He then scanned the room and saw his parents and went straight to them.

“Good afternoon” said Dean as he half hugged his parents.

“Good afternoon, how are you doing?” asked his mom.

“I am well, thank you” said Dean.

Dean then went to seat on the sofa on the corner and started to edit the life story to the buyers liking.

Before long, his cousins came to disturb him.

“Hey Dean” said Sid

“Hey guys, haven’t seen you for so long, didn’t know you had come, how are you?” said Dean as he closed his phone.

“Hmm who were you chatting with, was it Mrs. Dean” said Sid as all of them laughed.

“Nah it was something serious” said Dean as they headed to the pool table.

“Oh are you studying for the merit tests of the federal meritocratic government?” asked Bony.

“Ah, yeah, Gotta ace them and get that free money” replied Dean hesitantly.

The boys played pool and the family gathering went well. Once they finished, Dean took a taxi to his apartment.

 He really enjoyed the good time with his blood relatives and was also looking forward to telling his girlfriend the good news and editing the script