Chapter 4: second Bill war

Proposing bill in institution

After a week of the bill being edited in the wiki, Tina visited Emmy to discuss proposing the bill.

“Hi Emmy” said Tina.

“Hi mom” said Emmy.

“ It’s now time for you to propose the bill in the clothes institution since all points have already been approved by 80% of the members and no more edits can take place” Said Tina.

“Why should I? I mean isn’t it obvious that the next step is to propose the bill?” asked Emmy.

“It keeps the crowd source spirit going and also helps with your merit score” said Tina.

“Okay mom. I will also suggest that someone with the highest merit score propose the bill, which in our sub institution is probably you. We were taught that people with high merit scores usually get their bills approved” said Emmy.

“Yes, you should also propose that people start vouching for the bill when it reaches at least 5% of members not in the sub institution” said Tina.

“Why?” asked Emmy.

“It gives the bill more time in the public space before voting begins” said Tina.

Tina and Emmy then finished up posting the bill. After 2 days the results were out and people voted 100% for the bill to be proposed in the clothes institution.

The family was very happy about it and to celebrate they went to do another episode of the cocky celebrity family life story in the evening.

Tina then proposed the bill in the clothes institution in her free time and the members posted content about it but didn’t vouch for it as they agreed.

The content was met with a lot of resistance and the members of the sub institution vehemently supported the bill.

Tina got into a fierce fight in social media with the main argument being about active membership. Active members are members of the institutions who do work in the institution.

 Although it has wages, they are small compared to what people earn through education or supporting character gigs.

The washing automations removed many active member jobs allowing members of the clothes institutions to have more free time hence why they supported it vehemently.

Let me get this straight. 50% of the monthly revenue of the clothes institution is used in recurrent expenditure. 30% is used in emergency funds and 20% goes to funding washing automations which using current revenue estimates, will take 4 more months for the money to be raised.

Now you guys come out of nowhere and demand that the money we have saved in 6 months time, be used to fund the folding automation. Why not ask for the emergency funds to be reduced? Why not suggest 10% out of the 20% to be used to fund your automation?” commented 3456

“Well, the folding automation is going to help everyone in the society save time and hence it’s very important that we upgrade to it as soon as possible. And it’s not that expensive. When it’s funded through the current money already collected, it will reduce the amount by 4 months only” answered Tina.

“I think they are self entitled, this bill won’t pass, we are going to buy the washing automations and reduce the number of active members significantly” commented 2637.

“The fact remains, what automation is better? An automation that helps the institution or an automation that helps the society?” replied Tina.

“This is bogus. Reducing active members will reduce the overall cost of clothes in the long run!” commented 2637

“Yes, but in the very long run. The cost of buying the automations could have paid for active members for 3 more years. So money isn’t the issue.” Answered Tina

“It also saves time for people who are active members to be able to do other things” commented 3456

“Well the folding automation will help everyone save time. Don’t you think that’s more noble?” replied Tina

“Don’t argue with them, they are not winning, we are going to fund our washing automation and then we can fund the folding automation” commented 2637.

As Tina was chatting, she got a notification that Emmys IMMS (Interaction with members of the meritocratic society) merit score had dropped. She then called her immediately:

“Hi mom” said Emmy

“Hi honey, don’t answer back to insults, you are reducing your merit score” said Tina.

“Hi mom, they are bullying me” said Emmy.

“Honey, it’s a bill war and it’s still in the vouching stage, you have to get used to it, there merit score is being reduced but it is big and yours is still small so don’t reduce it, it will make you look bad at interaction with others and people will be avoiding you” said Tina.

“Okay mommy” said Emmy.

Tina then continued to chat and defend the bill. After 2 days of constant content posts and promotions, the bill was vouched for by 5% of members of the clothes institution and then the members of the sub institution started vouching for the bill taking it over 20% making it a proper bill. Tina then visited Emmy to allow voting for the bill.

“Hi Emmy” said Tina.

“Hi mom” said Emmy.

“How are you doing sweetie” said Tina.

“I am fine” said Emmy.

“Today is a big day honey, I am submitting the bill for voting and after 2 weeks the results will be out” Tina said.

“Yes mom, I have high hopes we are winning, we have our sub institution of great people and we have you!” said Emmy.

“Well, the chances of us winning are slim since the washing automation sub institution has also been working on their propaganda” Said Tina.

“What? They also have a sub institution?” asked Emmy.

“Yes, and they have 50% of the members of the clothes institution and some of their members are also spying our sub institution, that’s why they call them the bill wars!” said an excited Tina.

“I really hope we win, I love you mom” said Emmy as she embraced Tina.

They then proceeded to post the bill and participated in some chats in the clothes institution social media about the bill.

Promoting the bill in social media of institution

After two days, the bill votes were at 34% to 76% which meant it was still behind on votes and 12 days were left. The family met for their daily routine to discuss the bill.

“Dad, did you vote for the bill?” asked a disappointed Emmy.

“Yes honey, I am one of the 34% and don’t worry, 12 more days to go, we still have time to tip the balance” said Jim.

“Can’t we try and find someone with enough money to fund the automation?” asked Emmy.

“People with money don’t fund automations, they fund education” Replied Tina.

“Why?” asked Emmy.

 “It’s because when you fund one automation, supporters of other automations do not value your contribution. Funding education is safer and the most accepted way of helping a community” replied Tina.

“Don’t worry Emmy, things are going to be alright” said Jim as he hugged Emmy.

“Will we win dad?” asked an anxious Emmy as her head rested on her dads shoulder.

“Even if we don’t, we still have each other” said Jim as he embraces all of them.

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