Chapter 3

Bill results

 “Good morning babe” said Kristi as Dean walked out of the bathroom.

“Morning how was your sleep?” asked Dean as he dried himself with a towel.

“Well, it was nice and industrious as my bladder is full ha-ha” said Kristi as she pushed Dean away from the bathroom door.

“Ha-ha, I always tell you not to drink water at night but you never understand” said Dean.

“Audi, bring us some breakfast” blurted dean as he wore his pajamas. They then proceeded to have breakfast.

“What time are the results?” asked Kristi as she drank the last drops of her apple juice.

“In about half an hour” said dean as he showed Kristi his phone, “Here’s the count down!”

Kristi gave one look at it and proceeded to hug Dean. “Whatever the results, I will still support you my dear” said Kristi.

They then did competitions of video games in their Smartphone’s until only 2 minutes were remaining for the vote results.

“84, 83, 82…” blurted Dean as Kristi joined in. After the two minutes the results were out.

 “ You can always propose the bill again Dean, don’t feel bad” said Kristi as she consoled her boyfriend after the vote was more than 80% no, with most giving their reason as money needs to be invested in education to ensure people study to become members of the food institution of the federal meritocratic government.

“It’s ok in the end, if it’s not okay, it’s not the end” said Dean as he sat on his chair.

“Dean think this through and I am sure you will get answers, I can cancel the non playing character gig if you need me here and if you need some time alone I can leave” said a sad Kristi.

“I need some time alone” said an angry Dean.

“Okay, we will meet soon, I have to go to the non playing character gig, you take care” said Kristi as she gave Dean a kiss through her concealment clothes and then she left.

Game Master

 “Ahhhhhhh” shouted Dean once Kristi left. He then went online and searched “how to do complex fantasies without merit score or money”

Most answers came back that you can be a game master who plans the life for others and then act a supporting character role.

Dean knew that to be a reputable game master you had to have experienced that life and he was still so young.

He also knew that most people bought stories from the community hubs not from independent game masters.

But he decided to give it a try and so he spent the rest of the day writing a convincing life story about a cowboy who stole from the rich and gave to the poor.

 He then posted the story and hoped for the best since he really didn’t believe anyone would ever buy up the story.