Chapter 3: Sub institution

Starting a sub institution

In the evening Tina goes alone to Emmys house since Jim said he will be late as he is finishing up a supporting character gig.

“Hi mom” said Emmy.

“Hi Emmy, how did your day go?” asked Tina.

“I spent it studying for the medical doctor sub institution and doing supporting character gigs and I didn’t have time to work on the sub institution since yesterday in the park” answered Emmy.

“It’s okay honey, we will create one right now. So you already know that a bill sub institution is a sub institution to help propose a winning bill in the main institution, right?” asked Tina.

“Yes mommy, I also know how to set it up” said Emmy.

“Okay let’s do it” said Tina.

“Create the name and profile picture first for the sub institution” said Tina.

“I will call it “end folding sub institution” and let’s leave the profile picture empty for now; I have a friend who can design a good picture for the sub institution” Said Emmy.

“Ha-ha, sure, the name and profile picture don’t really matter, lets continue to the rules section” said Tina.

“I am already in the rules section, what rule should we put” asked Emmy.

“On the wiki section, put that the first wiki can only be posted by you” said Tina.

“Why?” asked Emmy.

“So that no one posts a wiki before enough people join” replied Tina.

“Oh it builds more love and connection, right?” inquired Emmy.

“Yes and also helps with your merit score” replied Tina.

“Hi guys” said Jim as he opened the door.

“Hi dad” said Emmy as she run and jumped on Jim.

“How’s my super woman doing?” asked Jim.

“We just created a bill sub institution for the bill I proposed” said Emmy.

“Have you already sent the invites?” asked Jim.

“No, we were waiting for you sweetie” said Tina as Jim sat beside her while Emmy rested on Tina’s lap.

“Okay, go to the invite section and click invite” said Jim as Emmy sat on his lap and followed the instructions.

“Done, its saying: invite all, invite 30% and invite 70%” said Emmy.

“Click the invite 30%, it means the 30% who voted for the bill” replied Jim.

“Done, it’s already sent the invites. Dad when are you going to be a member of the clothes institution?” asked Emmy.

“Don’t worry, I told you I will be a member at the right time to vote for the bill sweetie” said Jim as he embraced Emmy.

Tina and Jim then retire to their house and Emmy goes to live an episode of one of her scripted life.

Creating the bill wiki for the sub institution

After a few days, 20% join the sub institution and Emmy calls her mom.

“Hi mom, 20% have already joined the sub institution” said an excited Emmy.

“Hi baby, that’s great news. I am currently travelling to a meeting with some other engineers so daddy will come later to help you with setting up a wiki for the bill to be proposed in the clothes institution” said Tina.

“Okay mom, let me start preparing the wiki” replied Emmy.

Emmy then started creating the bill wiki that everyone will be able to edit and help make it better. Suddenly she gets a call from her dad.

“Hi dad” said Emmy.

“Hi sweetie, unfortunately you will have to come to the park in the nearby meritocratic society as I have a funeral I have to attend of someone I used to be a supporting character of. I have already sent you the location” Said Jim.

“Oh okay dad, so sorry to hear that. I hope the funeral for that life story goes well” said Emmy as she orders a taxi.

“Oh I use to be close with the character and so I will attend all the funerals of her scripted and unscripted lives” said Jim.

“How many lives will that be?” asked Emmy.

“6 lives, so its 6 funerals” said Jim.

“Okay dad, I am on my way now. I will get back to you once I arrive there” said Emmy as she cuts the phone and leaves her house. Emmy then goes to the park and meets her dad.

“Hi dad” said Emmy.

“Hi baby, open the sub institution section so we can do this fast” said an anxious Jim.

“Okay done, I have already opened the create wiki page” said Emmy.

“Okay, paste your first bill and put the call to action section as experts only and put the benefits section as public” said Jim.

“Okay, why is the call to action section expert only” asked Emmy.

“The call to action section is about how the funds will be used hence its good when experts write about it so that they can focus on the details and explain how all the money will be used to buy and set up the automation” replied Jim.

“Okay dad, Can we post the wiki?” asked Emmy.

“Not yet, go to the benefits section and put 80% for the points section and 90% for the explanations section. What this means is that when 80% like how a point is written then it can’t be edited anymore and when 90% like how an explanation for the point is written then it can’t be edited” said Jim.

“Okay dad, yeah I remember, they taught us that limits allow wikis to become perfect. Let me do it” said Emmy as she followed the instructions.

“Okay honey, you can now post the wiki and then people will start editing it” said Jim as he left Emmy.

After they finished setting up the wiki, her dad went to the funeral while Emmy relaxed as she started seeing people add more points and content to the wiki.She then called her friend Rachel and live streamed the sub institution.

“Hi Rachel, I finally posted the wiki in the sub institution, go on and like some of the points and explanations” said Emmy.

“Oh, Emmy, congratulations, let me do that” said Rachel.

“Oh someone just created a new content wiki” said Emmy.

“Really? Wow its really coming alive. People will start posting content in the wiki” said Rachel.

“Yes, let’s do a competition; we each create a meme picture for the content wiki, are you up for it?” asked Emmy.

“No, I am currently busy with some stuff, maybe before the end of the week?” inquired Rachel.

“Yeah sure, the deadline is Monday then” said Emmy.

They then continued talking about other things too and after a while Emmy ordered a taxi and went to her swimming training.