Chapter 2

Education center

Dean then woke up, had breakfast and walked his way to the education center. The education center consisted of individual places to study and collective places to study.

Dean decided to go to the collective place and went to the starting section. He found one person there and decided to start a conversation with them.

 “Hey” whispered Dean as he outstretched his hand initiating a handshake.

 “Hello there” said a short Latino man as he stood to shake the hand of Dean.

“My name is Dean, it’s my first day of studying for the merit tests of the food institution of the Federal meritocratic government” said Dean as he shook the hand of the Latino man.

“Oh nice to meet you, my name is Reyes, it’s my first time too studying for the same thing. I have seen you a lot in meetings of the food hub” said a certain Reyes.

“Me too! Can we study together since it’s really not my cup of tea” asked Dean.

“Sure we can, how many hours do you have of studying today?” asked Reyes.

“3 hours, why do you ask?” asked Dean.

“Well, I wanted us to study together and do a test for the first section of the organic chemistry lesson” replied Reyes.

“Sure my friend, let’s begin” replied dean.

They then studied together for one and a half hour and once they finished and were happy that they understood the topic, they each went into the individual rooms to do the tests.

The individual rooms consisted of gaming chairs, a screen and a table with paper and pen. They then did the tests and the results came out immediately.

“What happened brother?” asked Reyes as a devastated Dean got out of his booth.

“I failed to pass the test as I got a score less than 50%” said Dean as he walked into the collective room.

“Oh it must not be by much, don’t feel bad, how much did you get” said Reyes as he followed Dean to the collective room.

“I got 48%” shouted Dean.                              

“It’s okay my friend, I can wait for the next study until you pass the test, it will be much easier when you repeat it.” Said Reyes as he pat Dean on the back.

 “It’s not about repeating” said Dean.

“What is it about then?” asked Reyes.

“I am just not up for this and I had rather stick to my other plans” replied Dean.

“What other plans? If you are okay with me knowing” asked Reyes.

“They are a secret my friend. Anyways, I have to go to the community hub, I have a supporting character gig coming up” replied Dean as he stood up to leave the education center.

He then walked into his apartment, had a bath and ordered full concealment clothing which was procedure for supporting characters.

The clothes arrived and consisted of a huge gown, face mask and veil that covered the whole body ensuring no one can know who the person is.

Dean then ordered a self driving taxi outside the apartment building as the venue for the supporting character gig he was going to was in another meritocratic society.

The self driving taxi arrived in a few minutes and Dean climbed into the taxi. Dean then thought about his plan to get the money for the cowboy life for the rest of the journey.

Supporting character gig

Dean then went out of the taxi and walked into the house he was supposed to act as a supporting character. He then proceeded to go to the menu room for supporting characters where he found an old man already dressed for his role.

He greeted the man before heading to the booth with his characters name to change clothes. He was going to act as a brother of a girl with an abusive father and he figured the old man was going to act as the father.

He then read the script for the first episode he was going to act for this life and headed out to meet the old man. They then chit chat before going into the house to act the scene.

They then acted the scenes for 2 hours and the episode finished on a cliff hanger.

They returned to the changing rooms and before they even changed, they received their pay.

“Ah, with this money, it would take me ages to live the life I want” said Dean.

“Well, if you don’t put pomp in your other lives, it’s enough to live any life you want” replied the old man.

“The pomp is exactly what I need, more characters, more accessories, longer episodes. Unless I start acting violent or kinky sexual lives of people I will never earn enough” replied a disgruntled Dean.

“Then do something of value to humanity or your community that will allow you to get an increase in merit score which will make people be characters and give you accessories for free to use in your other lives” replied the old man.

“That’s what I am currently working on, I really hope it works out, if it doesn’t, I don’t even know what I will do!” replied Dean.

“Well kid, back when I was your age, I never earned enough for basic needs let alone emotional needs. You should be thankful with what you get, you have a house, you can easily handle living expenses, you can participate in government, what else do you want?” asked the old man.

“Well you wouldn’t understand but anyways, congratulations on your performance; you really embodied the abusive father stereotype” Replied Dean.

“Ha-ha thank you, well, it’s a long story of how I got the experience of that stereotype. Would you like to listen?” asked the old man

“Next time Mr. Rogers, I have got to catch up with stuff and get that money for my other lives!” replied Dean as he went into the changing booth.

Dean then changed to his concealment clothes and got out of the house and climbed the taxi and went back home.

Flash life

Dean then arrived home, returned the concealment clothes to the clothes hub and had a quick bath. He then ordered a burger and some apple juice.

“Damn, I miss my girl” said dean as he opened the phone app and called a contact saved Kristi. Kristi was the girlfriend of dean in his unscripted life.

“Hey babe” said Dean

“Hi, miss you” said Kristi

“I miss you too, Can you come tonight and we can do a flash life together!” said Dean

“Yes, I am free tonight, plus it’s my turn. I choose the handy man flash life; I am sending you the info”

“Okay, I shouldn’t have bathed so I can really seem handy” replied dean

“Oh you should exercise; I want you dirty and strong” Replied Kristi.

“Okay, see you a bit later” replied dean

“Be there in an hour, bye” replied Kristi as she cut the phone.

“I really look forward to getting my big plan going so I don’t have to do these flash lives and actually live proper lives.” said a dejected Dean as he went into the push up position.

He then started doing exercises and after half an hour he read the instructions sent by Kristi and blurted “Audi, bring me some handy man costumes and accessories. Send a cleaning robot too to mop the floor and clean the toilet.”

After a few minutes, a pod arrived with a shirt, an overall and a small toolbox. Dean then wore the shirt and overall and went outside with the tool box and closed his door. He then listened on the door and heard the cleaning robot coming out of the mini elevator and proceeded to go down through the elevator.

He then checked Kristi’s location which she already tagged him and saw that she arrived in the building. He then hid from her as she went to the elevator to go to the room. Kristi had a key for Dean’s room and so she went directly into the room.

After 10 minutes Kristi texted dean that she was ready and dean proceeded to go to the room. He then knocked and acted like he is a handy man and Kristi wore a seducing towel and asked him to come inside and fix the leaks.

Dean then went inside and they role played the flash life’s script and enjoyed each other’s company.

The bill

Wow I loved this flash life, thank you hubby!” said Kristi as she hugged Dean.

“You’re welcome, I also enjoyed it” replied Dean

“Babe can I ask you something?” said Kristi as she buried her head on Dean’s chest.

“Sure, go ahead” replied Dean.

“Can we start living the engagement episodes, it’s been a while we have been living the relationship episodes” said Kristi.

“ Ah babe, I don’t know, we can have more better lives together than that, is it your parents that want to live it?” asked Dean.

“Yes, since it was the norm in their period and so they really want to live the episodes. It’s the little I can do to repay them for using their money and time on me” replied Kristi.

“Okay, but are you satisfied with these flash lives and unscripted episodes?” asked Dean

“Hmm why do you ask? Yeah, it’s the ones we can afford. Until humanoids are invented or we finish our FGM membership it’s the only fantasies we can do” replied Kristi

“Ah, I am tired of these flash lives; I want us to be able to do scripted lives with proper venues, accessories and characters” Replied dean.

“Well, you should then work on passing those merit tests!” replied Kristi

“I am not doing them” said dean.

“What! Why? How will you get merit score or money?” asked Kristi

“Well, through a funding bill I proposed in the food institution” replied Dean

“Whats the bill about?” said an excited Kristi

“The bill is about the food institution funding my plan to start a cooking school so that we can offer food of different cultures and attract people from different cultures with high merit scores to come live their scripted lives in our meritocratic society. If it works I will get a big increase in my merit score allowing us to act any scripted life we want without having to pay a fortune” replied dean.

“As long as you love the idea, I love it too, if I was in the food institution in your meritocratic society I would definitely vote yes. When are the results coming out?” asked Kristi

“Tomorrow babe” Replied dean.

 “Well, I also have good news. I passed the first 4 tests for the energy institution of the federal meritocratic government and I still have 10 more to go” said Kristi.

“Congratulations babe, we will all succeed and live all types of scripted lives we want while doing what we love in our unscripted lives!”” replied dean.

They then proceeded to have a bath, choose what they will have for breakfast tomorrow, eat dinner and sleep.