Chapter 2: First bill war

Bill preparation

 Tina woke up and had a bath. She then ordered her work clothes and breakfast from the clothes and food hub respectively as her daughter was having a bath.

 The pods with the food arrived and she put the food on the table. When Emmy finished bathing, they proceeded to have breakfast. After they finished eating breakfast, they returned the dirty dishes to the food hub and then started the bill preparation.

“Open the IMS (Infrastructure of meritocratic society) section in the clothes institution app and click the menu button and then click merit score” said Tina.

“Done, there are many options” said Emmy.

“Click on IIMS (Interaction with infrastructure of meritocratic society)” said Tina.

“Done” said Emmy.

“Look at the reasons for fall in IIMS merit score in the clothes institution” said Tina

“Number one is ruining clothes, number two is returning clothes late-” said Emmy as Tina interrupted her.

“Yeah, so apparently there are many of you who don’t return clothes on time” said Tina.

“Oh, so when we propose our bill, it will be easily approved?” asked a curious Emmy.

“No, there are many reasons why people might not want to return clothes other than hating to fold them” replied Tina.

“Oh, so will we have to post a poll in social media to know how many people hate folding clothes like me?” asked a disappointed Emmy.

“Well that’s one way but it’s not really the best way” Tina replied

“Why mommy?” asked Emmy

“Polls are not compulsory so not all members will participate in the poll. We have to propose a simple funding bill in the clothes institution and although it will be rejected, we will know what percentage already supports the cause and you will always be remembered as the first person to propose the bill.” said Tina.

“Wow, I really think the percentage will be high” said Emmy.

“Not exactly, a 30% would be fantastic and a 15% would mean the end of the endeavor since its going to be very hard raising it. Most people in the clothes institution want to fund the washing automations and so it will be an uphill battle convincing them otherwise” said Tina.

“I am sure it’s going to be more than 30% mommy” said Emmy as she hugged Tina.

“Let’s hope so dear. I have to go, you should prepare the simple funding bill from the templates in the app, they taught you how do it right?” asked Tina as she ordered a Taxi from her phone.

“Yes, I will do it this morning before I start my day, you will be the one posting the bill right?” asked Emmy as she went to the template side in the app.

“No, you will be posting it, but that’s until I double check it. Put your merit score as visible so people can value the bill instead of the merit score.” Said Tina

“Okay mom and don’t forget about the episode we will be acting in the afternoon” said Emmy to a leaving Tina.

“Okay I will be there” said Tina in a fainting voice as she was moving away from the door.

In the afternoon they went to act an episode of their cocky celebrity family life story. The life story was chosen by Emmy and the parents volunteered to help her out so she doesn’t have to pay supporting characters for the parent’s roles.

 The episode was about them inviting a new family in the neighborhood for dinner. They all arrived at the house in different locations and sat on a chair and put on ear plugs and sleeping masks. The chairs were then pushed to three different menu rooms.

Once at the menu room, they took off the sleeping mask and ear plugs and then put on the clothes and accessories for the episode.

They then sat on the chairs again and put on the sleeping masks and ear plugs. The chairs were then pushed to different locations in the house where they started acting the episodes.

 “Chelsea” said Tina calling her daughter as she stood up from the chair in her room.

“Yes mom” replied Chelsea.

“Has that pleb finished putting make up on you” asked Tina.

“Yes, but she messed up my shadow” said Chelsea.

“You are fired!” said Mrs. Hans as she stormed into Chelsea’s room. The maid then got on her knees and asked for forgiveness.

“Out!” said Mrs. Hans as Chelsea laughed. The door was then knocked on and opened slightly.

“Mrs. Hans the guests have arrived” said the butler of the house.

“Okay Zimmer, and escort this fool out of the house, she is fired!” said Mrs. Hans as Chelsea hugged her mom. They then proceeded to go to the master bedroom.

“Baby the guests have arrived” said Mrs. Hans as she enters her room with her daughter.

“Is everything in the house perfect?” asked Mr. Hans.

“Yes babe” replied Mrs. Hans.

“Let’s go greet the guests then” said Mr. Hans as they headed to the living room.

The episode continued for two hours with the Hans family acting as jerks and flaunting their wealth to their new neighbors.

After the episode Emmy went to the sports ground to continue with her swimming training while Tina and Jim went on a dinner date to discuss about their daughter and then went back to their house.

Bill creation

In the morning Emmy called her mom to tell her she has already finished the bill.

“Hi mom” said Emmy.

“Hi dear” replied Tina.

“I am done with the bill, I have made it available to you and dad to check out” said Emmy.

“Okay give me a minute to check it out with your dad and then I will post it if it’s done” said Tina.

“Honey, come, let’s check out how our child has developed” said Emmy to a Jim who was doing pushups. Tina and her father then looked at the bill and then video called Emmy.

“Congratulations dear” said Tina and Jim as Emmy picked up her phone.

“Thank you! Is it good?” asked Emmy.

“Yes, propose it in the clothes institution and I will post it in my social media so it can get vouched for” said Tina.

“Okay mommy, let me do it” said Emmy as she made the video call screen small so she can post the bill.

“I have also prepared for you a virtual instant life with someone who will be criticizing your bill and you should support the bill. It will help you gain more knowledge about the bill, they are currently free, can you do it now?” said Tina.

“Yes, I am currently free too!” said Emmy.

“Okay, I have sent you the link to the virtual life, just go into it” said Tina.

“Okay mom, talk to you later” said Emmy.

Emmy then acted out the virtual instant life while Jim proceeded to go on a supporting character gig and Tina went to the lab.


While at work Tina got a message that the bill has been vouched for by 10% of members which meant that it’s ready to be submitted for voting. Tina was happy that the bill has been vouched for and calls Jim and Emmy to meet in the evening.

Tina then went to the gym for some aerobics and weight training as she looked to be a playing character in a life story in which she is a commando. In the evening Tina and the father went to Emmys house:

“Hi mom” said Emmy as she hugged her mom.

“Hi dad” said Emmy as she hugged her dad.

“Congratulations sweetie” said Jim as he threw Emmy into the air.

“Thank you dad” said Emmy as some tears flowed from her eyes.

“Oh dear, don’t cry, the battle has only began” said Tina as she took Emmy from her dad and put her on her bed.

“Would you like to see the results in real time or have them at the end?” asked Tina.

“At the end, so that I can have my hopes up” replied Emmy.

“Okay click the results button and set it as “at the end”” said Tina.

“Okay mommy” said Emmy as she did what she’s told.

“Let’s now allow it to be voted for and start protecting it in the social media:” said Tina as Emmy clicked the “begin voting” button.

“I can’t wait for the two weeks of voting to finish” said Emmy.

“Don’t worry, they will pass by fast” said Tina.

They then proceeded to chat in social media protecting the bill and after a few hours, the parents left to let Emmy enjoy a sleep over with her friends.

Bill results

2 weeks passed and it was the day for the announcement of the bill results. Tina, Jim and Emmy went to the park and waited for the countdown for the results.

“Its 30% mommy” said Emmy to her mom and dad who were sleeping on the grass are waiting for the results.

“Oh that’s good, you made mom proud sweetie” said an excited Tina as she woke up and embraced Emmy.

“You made us proud honey” said Jim as they embraced for a group hug.

“Whats next mom” asked a motivated Emmy.

“Sweetie, the next step is to start a bill sub institution and invite the 30% who voted yes for the bill to join so we can all work together to make the bill pass” Said Tina.

“Can we do that now?” asked Emmy.        

“No, we have to go live a life story episode. You do some research about bill sub institutions and then tomorrow evening I will come to your house so we can create the sub institution, will that be ok sweetie?” replied Tina.

“Yes, I will start the research today” said Emmy as her dad carried her.

Tina and Jim then left to go live out their episode and Emmy stayed in the park doing research about bill sub institutions.