Bullying, a short story

MAMA WORLD is a fictional world about a post scarcity society where everyone can obtain their needs.

People in MAMA WORLD believe in MAMA philosophy which is a philosophy that posits that the meaning of life is to gain knowledge and help in human progress.

My goal with MAMA WORLD is to educate others on how we can become a post scarcity society and how life would be like in such a world.

 This is a short story that explains how in MAMA WORLD people will be able to express their harmful emotions of bullying in a safe environment, enjoy:


It was a typical Sunday evening in the Johnson household. The smell of roast chicken wafted through the air, and the family was gathered around the dining table, ready to enjoy their meal.

But something was off. Mr. Johnson was in a foul mood, his face contorted in anger as he glared at his wife and children.

Throughout the meal, he picked apart everything that his wife had cooked, criticizing her cooking skills and berating her for not having dinner ready earlier.

 His children sat in silence, knowing better than to speak up when their father was in this kind of mood.

As they finished their meal, Mr. Johnson got up from the table and walked towards the living room. His wife followed him, asking if he needed anything.

But he didn’t answer. Instead, he turned around and slapped her across the face, leaving her stunned and in tears.

The children watched in horror as their father continued to verbally and physically abuse their mother. As the night wore on, the tension in the house grew thicker.

 Mr. Johnson sat in front of the television, a beer in hand, while his wife and children sat in silence, afraid to speak up or do anything that might set him off.

Mr. Johnson then went into the restroom and climbed into what appeared to be a vertical casket, which then shifted into a horizontal position and began moving through small tunnels.

MAMA WORLD had an internet of transportation that consisted of small tunnels that connected different locations. Pods transported people and goods through the small tunnels to the different locations.

Michael was pleased to have lived out a scene from his bullying fantasy, safely expressing his harmful emotions in the community hub.

The community hub was infrastructure in MAMA WORLD that allowed residents to live their fantasies and express their harmful emotions through providing them with venues such as houses, schools, offices etc. characters such as relatives, friends, coworker’s etc. accessories such as clothes, shoes etc. and stories.

 He was also pleased with the performance of the supporting characters, as he had paid them well.

The pod eventually slowed and resumed its vertical position, and Michael emerged into the menu room, where he could change out of his acting attire and into other clothes.

The menu room was a luxurious space, with walls adorned with mirrors, reflecting a mini elevator and a bench which were on one side of the room.

Michael then proceeded to sit on the bench and blurted out “Please get me clothes for my non playing character role” as he was taking off the clothes he was wearing.

Michael had a non playing character role coming up where he had to go to a restaurant and just sit there to allow other people to live their fantasies in the restaurant venue.

In MAMA WORLD people no longer operated restaurants because no one wanted to work as waiters or cooks as it was easier making money through studying or being a supporting character.

People also wanted to live complicated fantasies and hence the fantasy of just eating out seemed bland to most.

Hence the community hub had to operate restaurants and provide non playing characters in order for people to live their fantasies that involved restaurants.

After a few minutes, the voice assistant blurted “clothes have arrived.”

He then opened the doors of the mini elevator and then took out a long sleeve shirt, a pair of dark trousers, and leather shoes.

He then wore the clothes and took several glances in the mirrors and smiled, feeling confident and stylish.

He activated his neck wearable device by taking out his tongue, causing a small protrusion to emerge and be fixed in front of his mouth.

He then said, “Call Sara”, and another protrusion emerged from the device and settled seamlessly into his ear canal.

Sara was a friend who was also going to do the NPC role in the restaurant and hence they decided to go together.

“Hey Michael, where are you?” asked Sara

 “Hey, I am on my way,” he said, “I will be there in fifteen minutes.”

He then climbed inside the vertical pod and said “take me to the location of my NPC role” making the pod assume the horizontal position and start passing through the small tunnels.

The pod took him to the restaurants parking lot and so he walked to the front of the restaurant. When he arrived, he found Sara waiting outside.

She looked stunning in her red dress, and Michael complimented her before hugging her. They were seated at a cozy table for two, and Michael couldn’t help but smile as he looked around the restaurant.

It was a beautiful space with warm lighting and an elegant atmosphere. The smell of delicious food filled the air and Michael felt his stomach grumble.

Michael and Sara used their neck devices to silently order meals for each other and they then chuckled to each other.

“So why were you late?” asked Sara.

“I was acting an episode of a bullying fantasy I am currently living. Do you like acting bullying fantasies?” asked Michael.

“No, I don’t. You should be grateful that you live in the modern age were you are able to express your harmful emotions in a safe environment,” said a serious Sara.

“Hmm, yeah, I would have like asked my friends to help me out with acting my fantasy,” replied a confident Michael.

“Hahaha,” laughed Sara, “it wasn’t even accepted that bullying is natural and that people with the urge should be allowed to do so in a safe environment.”

“Damn, so what did people with urges to bully others do back then?” asked a curious Michael.

“Well, those with no money just settled on being a troll online or simply bullying others in their life that they knew couldn’t expose them,” replied Sara with authority.

“Yikes, wouldn’t that harm the other person being bullied?” asked a devastated Michael.

“Of course it would, it was an emotional jungle back then and everyone was an emotional barbarian trying to survive,” said Sara.

“So what if you had money, wasn’t there some kind of outlet you could pay to use?” asked Michael.

“Well, honestly speaking, unless the person with the money pays for something like the community hub to be prepared there wasn’t. Most rich people simply bullied their workers or close people who depended on them for money and usually escaped jail time when exposed through using their money to bribe officials,” replied Sara.

“Hahaha, I am laughing as if this was good. So I am basically living a better life than the rich of the past,” replied a proud Michael.

“It’s not like it wasn’t known that bullying and other harmful emotions are natural to people. Intellectuals like Nietzsche, Jung or Wittgenstein figured this out but the problem was actually building a safe outlet for people to express their emotions,” contemplated Sara.

“Hmm, what was the reason they didn’t build the safe outlet. Was it the cost?” asked Michael naively.

“They didn’t even provide proper education, healthcare etc. do you think they would care about providing safe outlets for people to express their emotions?” replied a confident Sara.

“Damn, this is why we all need to gain knowledge and help in human progress since we have come a long way,” replied a grateful Michael.

Their meals then arrived. Sara had ordered for Michael a chicken sandwich piled high with juicy grilled chicken breast, lettuce, and tomato, while Michael had ordered for Sara some beef kabobs which were perfectly cooked and served with a delicious marinade.

They then ate their meals and continued having a conversation until their NPC role was over. They then stepped out into the cool evening air, and proceeded to the parking lot. They then said their goodbyes and each one took a pod to their respective homes.

Michael then arrived at the parking lot of his apartment building and proceeded to take the stairs into his apartment.

As soon as he walked through the front door, Michael let out a deep sigh of relief. It had been a long day, and all he wanted to do was take off his clothes and relax.

He kicked off his shoes and made his way to the bedroom, already feeling the tension leaving his body. He unbuttoned his shirt, slipping it off his shoulders and tossing it onto a pod in the mini elevator.

 The sensation of cool air on his skin was a welcome relief, and he smiled to himself as he unzipped his trouser and let it fall to the floor.

He then put the trouser and shoes into the pod in the mini elevator and activated his neck device and then blurted out “take the clothes to the clothes hub for cleaning and storing.”

Standing in his briefs, Michael took a moment to appreciate the quiet of his apartment. It had been a chaotic day, with him having spent the day studying and living multiple fantasies. But here, in his own space, he could finally relax.

He walked over to the bed, pulling back the covers and sinking down onto the soft mattress. He lay there for a moment, feeling the weight of the day lift off his shoulders. He closed his eyes, breathing in the quiet and stillness of the room.

As he lay there, his mind began to drift, replaying the events of the day. He thought about how he enjoyed the bullying fantasy and how people in the past had to control their urges instead of expressing them in a safe environment.

But he also thought about the small moments of joy – the smile from Sara, the laughter at the restaurant.

The sound of his neck device vibrating interrupted his thoughts, and he reluctantly got up from the bed. He then activated it and found that it was just a spam call, but it was enough to pull him out of the calm that had settled over him.

Michael took a deep breath, willing himself to let go of the stress of the day. He walked over to the window, looking out at the city lights and the people bustling below. It was comforting, in a way, to know that he wasn’t alone in the chaos of the world.

As the night wore on, Michael found himself drifting in and out of sleep. But he didn’t mind. For the first time all day, he was able to let go of the pressures of life and just be present in the moment.

And as he closed his eyes, he knew that he would wake up tomorrow, ready to face whatever challenges lay ahead.


I hope you enjoyed the story and got some insights on how people can express their harmful emotions in MAMA WORLD.

This is a big issue as currently most people don’t have a safe outlet to express their harmful emotions and end up either hurting themselves by restricting their urges or hurting others by expressing their harmful emotions on them.

Hence creating a safe outlet for people to express their harmful emotions is something we will have to ensure exists in the near future as it’s key to solving most of our moral and behavioral problems.

The solution provided in MAMA WORLD is not just a fictional solution but a practical solution that I have spent time creating.

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