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Bill wars: Folding automation is a sci-fi short story that is set in a post scarcity world ruled by a meritocratic government were everything is decided through bills being proposed and voted for by members of institutions who became members through passing merit tests.

The story follows an 8 year old called Emmy through her struggles with the help of her family to try and make her folding automations bill campaign successful.

Through this thrilling story you will learn about how people in a post scarcity society will live and understand how there will still be a lot of struggle in a world where people’s emotional and basic needs are met. Enjoy!


Dean is a 22 year old boy who dreams of living the cow boy life in the meritocratic society but doesn’t have enough merit score or money to live the life in the community hub.

He wishes to get the merit score through creating a cooking school which he thinks will attract more people as they are able to eat their own food.

Will his bill to create a cooking school pass?