Automation, a short story

MAMA WORLD is a fictional world about a post scarcity society where everyone can obtain their needs.

People in MAMA WORLD believe in MAMA philosophy which is a philosophy that posits that the meaning of life is to gain knowledge and help in human progress.

My goal with MAMA WORLD is to educate others on how we can become a post scarcity society and how life would be like in such a world.

This is a short story that shows how the time banking system is used in MAMA WORLD and allows automation to easily be implemented as people don’t depend on the jobs for their main income. Enjoy:


Mary woke up to the sound of her alarm, groggily reaching over to turn it off. As she sat up in bed, she reached for her phone to check any messages or notifications. It was routine for her, a habit she had developed over the years.

She scrolled through her emails and saw that the automated syringe injecting machine had arrived at the hospital and she had the duty to test out the machine today.

With a sigh, she got out of bed and got ready for work. Mary was a nurse who worked at the local hospital. She specialized in administering injections and had a busy day ahead of her.

She ordered her voice assistant to bring her work clothes from the clothes hub and they were brought by a pod that passed through small tunnels.

MAMA WORLD had an internet of transportation that consisted of small tunnels that connected different locations. Pods transported people and goods through the small tunnels to the different locations.

The voice assistant then blurted, “Your clothes have arrived” and Mary took them from inside the mini elevator and quickly dressed, grabbed her bag, and headed out the door.

She then proceeded to her apartment buildings parking lot and entered a vertical pod and closed the door. The pod then assumed the horizontal position and started moving inside small tunnels.

After a few minutes, it slowed down and once it came to a stop it assumed the vertical position again. Mary got out of the pod and found herself at the hospitals parking lot.

As she walked towards the hospital, Mary took a deep breath, trying to shake off her fatigue. She knew that she had to be alert and focused, especially during these challenging times.

She entered the hospital, clocked in, and made her way to the injection room. The injection room was a quiet, sterile space. Mary spent most of her day there, injecting patients with vaccines or medication.

She greeted her colleagues and began to prepare for the day’s procedures. She checked the automated syringe injecting machine and made sure it was in order.

The first patient arrived, and Mary greeted them with a warm smile. She then asked the patient to help in testing out the machine and the patient accepted.

She carefully gave the patient instructions of how to use the machine to self administer the injection, and explained any possible side effects or precautions.

The patients came and went with some accepting to test the machine and others preferring Mary to inject them, and Mary stayed focused, her mind fully on her work.

As the day wore on, Mary began to feel the effects of her long hours. She was tired, and her muscles ached from standing and moving around all day. But she pressed on, knowing that her patients were counting on her.

Finally, it was time for Mary’s meeting with her co-workers. She entered the office and greeted everyone with a smile.

“Hello guys” said Mary as she threw herself on the bench in the office.

“Hi” replied some of the co workers.

“We were waiting for you Mary, how did the automated syringe machine perform?” asked Ashley who was the director of the meeting.

“It performed well; most people who tried it understood how to use it in a short period of time. I honestly think it can replace me,” said a happy Mary.

“Hmm, like everyone will be able to self administer the syringe using it?” asked another concerned coworker.

“No, I meant that more people can learn how to use it and perform their time banking role as syringe injectors in the hospital” said Mary.

Residents of MAMA WORLD use a time banking system to do all the necessary jobs needed to keep the society going.

The time banking model consists of residents giving a certain amount of hours of their time in exchange for being a resident of the community.

“Okay, that’s good news, it’s another win for our community towards full automation! This is what human progress looks like guys!” said an excited Ashley.

“Do you guys remember how in the past, such an innovation would be resisted and mired with red tape due to people being afraid of losing their jobs?” blurted another co worker.

“Yes, Mary would have been afraid of losing her livelihood to a machine, ha-ha” replied a happy Ashley.

“But now I don’t have to worry about it as I make most of my money from studying” replied a satisfied Mary.

“Yeap, and you should also ensure you use that knowledge you are paid to obtain to help human progress honey!” replied another co worker.

“It wasn’t even just the loss of jobs that would have stopped this machine from being adopted. People would also be reluctant for it to be used on them and hospitals would be slow to adopt it as they focused more on short term profits” shouted another co worker.

“It’s enough about the automated syringe machine, let us now discuss other matters and finish the meeting, I am tired!” said Ashley commandingly.

They then proceeded to discuss their schedules and patient care, sharing insights and advice. It was a chance for them to connect and support each other, even in the midst of a hectic day.

As the meeting ended, Mary felt a sense of satisfaction. She had done her job well, and she had made a difference in the lives of her patients.

With a deep breath, Mary gathered her things and headed to the parking lot. She then entered a vertical pod and closed the door. The pod the assumed the horizontal position and started moving inside a small tunnel.

The pod then slowed down and assumed the vertical position. Mary then got out and found herself at her apartment buildings parking lot.

After a long and tiring day at the hospital, Mary was finally making her way back into her apartment.

 As she walked, she took in the cool evening breeze and tried to clear her mind. She knew that her work was far from over, as she had an important exam coming up.

Mary had been studying hard for months, preparing to qualify as a researcher and it wasn’t only because researchers were paid well.

She had always been interested in science and medicine, and she wanted to contribute to the progress of humanity. It was a lofty goal, but Mary was determined to achieve it.

As she entered her apartment, Mary set her bag down and immediately jumped on her bed. She pulled out her tablet and activated her neck wearable device by taking out her tongue, causing a small protrusion to emerge from the neck device and be fixed in front of her mouth.

For hours, she poured over the material, trying to absorb as much information as possible. She quizzed herself using silent dictation to do as many questions as possible, and took breaks only to grab a quick snack or some water.

Despite her exhaustion, Mary felt energized. She was passionate about her work, and the thought of making a difference drove her forward.

She knew that becoming a researcher would not be easy, but she was ready for the challenge.

As the night wore on, Mary’s eyes grew heavy, and her mind began to wander. She forced herself to stay focused, determined to make the most of her study time.

Finally, as the clock struck midnight, she closed her books and took a deep breath. The exam was just a few days away, but Mary felt confident.

She had worked hard, and she knew that she had the knowledge and skills to succeed. She crawled into bed, exhausted but content.

Tomorrow would be another long day, but Mary was ready for it. She closed her eyes, knowing that she was on the right path, and that she was making a difference in the world.


I hope you enjoyed the story and you were able to get insights into how we can solve the problem of automation taking our jobs through the use of the time banking system.

I think we are all aware of the myriad of automations already available but that cannot be adopted because they will make people jobless.

Most of you would still have questions of how such a system can be implemented and I have written extensively on this in my Patreon.

To summarize, the systems would first be tested in a commune setting and once perfected, it will then be integrated into the whole society.

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