MAMA philosophy

MAMA philosophy is a rational philosophy that posits that the meaning of life is to gain knowledge and help in human progress.

I created this philosophy after the realization that all of our technologies, innovations and discoveries were brought about by people who committed to gaining knowledge and helping in human progress.

Hence I concluded that since it’s this thinking and ideology that has brought us, as a species, the most success, then we should raise it up and make it the highest ideal and valued trait in our societies.

I then went further and designed a new societal model called MAMA WORLD, which allows every resident of the society to easily obtain knowledge and help in human progress.

The following is a summary of the infrastructure of MAMA WORLD:

MAMA apartments

Residents of MAMA WORLD live in MAMA apartments that consist of houses connected by an elevator system to a food and clothes hub that handle all chores involved with food and clothes.

When residents want food, they order it from the food hub and it’s brought to them by pods that pass through the elevator system.

When they finish eating, they return the dirty dishes using the pods to the food hub were they are cleaned and stored.

When residents want to cook, they can order for a mini cooker, utensils and ingredients etc. and when they finish cooking they return the dirty utensils, cooker etc. to the food hub were they are cleaned and stored.

When residents want clothes, they order them from the clothes hub and they are brought to them by pods that pass through the elevator system.

When they finish wearing the clothes, they return the dirty clothes to the clothes hub were they are cleaned and stored. When residents want to wash their own clothes, they order a mini washer, detergent etc. from the clothes hub and it’s brought to them by pods that pass through small tunnels.

Once they finish washing the clothes they return the mini washer to the clothes hub were its cleaned and stored.

The houses don’t need a kitchen, closet, appliances etc. making them simple enough to be cleaned by autonomous robots.

The aim of the architecture of MAMA apartments is to allow the full automation of the house and the residents not to have to do house chores.

This architecture is also important in another infrastructure of MAMA WORLD.

Community hub

The Community hub provides the residents of MAMA WORLD with infrastructure to allow them to live different lives in different communities and obtain their emotional knowledge in a safe environment.

The infrastructure community hubs provide include venues such as houses, schools, shops etc., characters such as family members, friends, strangers, coworkers etc., accessories such as clothes, shoes, weapons etc. and life stories such as fully scripted life stories, stereotypical life stories etc.

So if a resident of MAMA WORLD wants to live a life as a musician the community hub will provide them with venues such as concert arenas, music studios etc., characters such as managers, fans, friends etc., accessories such as clothes, shoes, chains etc., life stories such as cocky musician life story, humble musician life story etc.

The community hub has two main purposes:

The first purpose is to allow residents to be able to express their harmful emotions in a safe environment so that they don’t harm others in the community.

The second purpose is to provide the government with revenue that they can then use to fund other projects since most people in MAMA WORLD use their money to live different lives in the community hub.

Meritocratic government

Residents of MAMA WORLD are governed by a meritocratic government which consists of 12 institutions that are responsible for all tasks of the government.

People can join these institutions through passing online merit tests which consist of simple questions that members answer to prove they understand the basics of the institution.

Once they are members of an institution, they can vote on or propose bills to change regulations or policies of the government.

Hence members of a meritocratic society could pass online merit tests for the food institution which might include questions about the supply chain of the food hub or how the food hub works and propose a bill for the profits of the food hub to be used to purchase certain automation, create a farm etc.

Through the meritocratic government, every resident of MAMA WORLD can collectively decide on how the society is run and what laws guide it.

Time banking system

Residents of MAMA WORLD use a time banking system to do all the necessary jobs needed to keep the society going.

These jobs include teachers, doctors, drivers, non playing characters in the community hub etc.

The time banking model consists of residents giving a certain amount of hours of their time in exchange for being a resident of the community.

The amount of time is voted for by members of the law institution of the local meritocratic government.

Residents of MAMA WORLD use the time banking model so that the automation of these jobs will not economically affect anyone and hence will have an easier time in getting accepted.

Residents get money using their skills and professions through doing research and development of new technologies and innovations.


Although this new system might seem complex, I have worked on it for more than 10 years and I have written technical articles as well as short stories to explain how it works and the new mentality of people who will live in such environment.

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