Why people living in MAMA WORLD wont struggle with the corruption problem in their government

Hello, my name is Mkwawa and I am a simp of human progress who writes articles explaining how different events, technologies and ideas relate to MAMA WORLD.

MAMA WORLD is a new societal model designed to allow all its residents to easily gain knowledge and help in human progress.

In this article, we are going to be discussing why people living in MAMA WORLD won’t struggle with the corruption problem in their government. Let us begin the discussion:

Corruption is a big problem all over the world, and most countries, are fighting corruption through creating laws, that punish, corrupt representatives.

People living in MAMA WORLD wouldn’t struggle with corruption since the society is governed by the meritocratic government.

The meritocratic government is an online government that consists of institutions that people canbecome members of through passing merit tests.

Once someone is a member of an institution they can then propose a bill to change a regulation or law of the institution.

All members of the institutions then vote for the bill and if the bill passes then the law or regulation is changed.

Hence, through the meritocratic government each institution will have hundreds thousands or even millions of members who live far from each other making bribing all of them harder, and hence, structurally reducing corruption.

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