Why Foldable smartphones are the future of smartphones.

Hello, my name is Mkwawa and I am a simp of human progress who writes articles explaining how different events, technologies and ideas relate to MAMA WORLD.

MAMA WORLD is a new societal model designed to allow all its residents to easily gain knowledge and help in human progress.

In this article, we are going to be discussing why foldable Smartphone’s will be important in MAMA WORLD.

Foldable smart phones are a new category of mobile devices that feature flexible displays, allowing the devices to be folded or unfolded, providing users with a versatile and adaptable form factor.

When unfolded, they offer a larger screen size similar to a tablet, providing a more immersive viewing experience for multimedia content, gaming, and productivity tasks.

When folded they become more compact, making them portable and easy to carry. Foldable smart phones represent a significant leap in design innovation, offering users the best of both worlds-portability and screen real estate.

In MAMA WORLD, foldable smart phones would be the preferred Smartphone compared to normal smart phones.

This is because in MAMA WORLD, people don’t use typing or writing to practice questions of a topic or subject they study.

They instead use voice learning technology. Voice learning technology is a technology that allows students to use voice commands instead of writing or typing, to input data while doing questions about a topic or subject they learned.

Voice commands are 21 times faster than writing and 7 times faster than typing, and hence will allow children to do questions about subjects or topics they learn, faster.

Hence the bigger screen the foldable smart phones offer will allow residents of MAMA WORLD to easily use it to learn about different subjects or topics while the voice learning technology will allow residents of MAMA WORLD to easily practice questions of the different subjects or topics.

Therefore, if foldable technology continues to be developed and become cheaper, people in MAMA WORLD would use foldable Smartphone’s since the bigger screen will be useful while studying and the smaller screen will be useful for other uses.

I also think the combination of these two (Foldable Smartphone’s and voice learning technology) will have a major impact on our society and allow people in schools, colleges and universities to use their foldable Smartphone’s to study instead of books, typing or writing.

But this is not a straight forward switch since there are many companies and industries that will lose their businesses if such a change is made and hence the companies will always lobby against the technologies.

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