How MAMA apartments can help the world develop fully automated homes

Hello, my name is Mkwawa and I am a simp of human progress who writes articles explaining how different events, technologies and ideas relate to MAMA WORLD.

MAMA WORLD is a new societal model designed to allow all its residents to easily gain knowledge and help in human progress.

In this article, we are going to be discussing how MAMA apartments which are one of the infrastructures of MAMA WORLD, can help the world develop a fully automated home. Let us begin our discussion:

The home is one of the most important structures in our lives since it’s the primary place we obtain the 5 important basic needs which are food, shelter, clothes, energy and water.

The dream to automate the home has been in the public conscious for a long time but it is yet to become a reality, in other words, the chore free home doesn’t exist without the help of house workers.

Since we achieved a chore free home through house workers, the first wave of home automation enthusiasts believed that the best way to automate home chores such as cleaning dishes, cleaning clothes, cleaning the house etc. was through the creation of humanoids who will do all the house work.

But as time went on, people realized that creating humanoid robots to do all our house chores was harder than expected and the best way to automate the home is to simply create machines that can do a certain task.

This era of specific machines to do a specific task instead of a humanoid that can do all tasks was much more successful in terms of automating the home with the famous innovations such as washing machines, dish washers, microwaves, gas cookers, fridges, ovens etc. which allowed for the first time, home chores to be performed by machines with a little help by people allowing houses to be easily manageable.

This era also liberated women from the home and allowed them to enter the work force allowing them to earn a living and directly lead to the different waves of the women revolution. 

This is the era we are still in with people now having numerous appliances such as vacuum cleaners, washing machines, driers, dish washers etc.

But as many people have already realized, this era will not lead us to fully automation of our homes since it has been more than 50 years and the machines are yet to automate any chore completely. For example:

The washing machine helps wash clothes but you still have to load the clothes, put the detergents, set up the machine and remove the clothes once the machine is done with them.

The microwave heats up food but you still have to load the food, set up the machine and unload the food.

So all home automation machines still have to be operated and maintained by a human being and hence people still have chores to do to help machines perform their tasks.

The following are reasons why we couldn’t make the leap of making these technologies do chores without any human help:

Lack of space in our homes

The first reason we couldn’t make the leap of making these technologies do chores without human help is the lack of space in our homes.

Currently people creating home automations are restricted to create compact machines that can fit into the already crowded homes.

Many homes already have many appliances such as washing machines, driers, dish washers, cookers, fridges, ovens etc. so any additional appliance that helps in home automation needs to be small and compact to fit into the kitchens, living rooms or stores of the homes.

This restricts creators of home machines to put size before quality or capacity making it hard to make fully automated machines.

Cost of fully automated machines

The second reason we couldn’t make the leap of making these technologies do chores without human help is the cost of fully automated machines.

Currently there are already prototype machines that can cook any food automatically, fully wash and store dishes automatically etc.

 These have been used to showcase the future of home cooking and have been met with a lot of enthusiasm and excitement.

Unfortunately most have been unable to become mainstream due to their high prices that most people are either unable to afford them or have deemed them too expensive for the problem they are solving.

There are also prototype machines for folding clothes, handling washing clothes etc. but they have all met the same fate as the cooking machines i.e. they have been deemed too expensive for the average consumer.

After discussing why these technologies couldn’t lead to the full automation of the home, let us now discuss how MAMA apartments can solve the problems and lead to the creation of the fully automated home:

MAMA apartments

MAMA apartments consist of houses connected by a mini elevator system to a food and clothes hub.

When residents want food or clothes, they order them through an app and they are brought to them from the hubs by pods that pass through the mini elevator system.

Once they finish eating or wearing the food or clothes respectively, they return the dirty dishes or clothes using pods that pass through the mini elevator system to the hubs for washing and storing.

Hence the houses don’t have a kitchen, closet, appliances etc. since all chores are done in the hubs making them cheaper compared to current house designs or housing configurations.

After discussing how MAMA apartments function, let us now discuss how it handles the 2 biggest causes of making us not able to fully automate our homes:

Cost of fully automated machines

We discussed that fully automated machines exist but were too expensive for the average home.

MAMA apartments will allow these machines to be adopted since they offer services to many people and need automations to reduce their costs hence the price of the machines won’t matter over the long run for the hubs.

So through MAMA apartments, these machines will be able to be used efficiently allowing their price to be justified and finally allowing the automation of home chores and actually reducing the cost of living for the people who use the hubs.

Lack of space in our homes

We discussed that most homes lack the space to accommodate fully automated machines. MAMA apartments override the size problem since the automations of the food and clothes hub can be of any size as long as they help with fully automating the hubs.

The size constraint doesn’t come into question since the hubs are independent of any home allowing them to be as big as needed by the automations.

Through MAMA apartments, all chores involved with food and clothes will be done in the food and clothes hub.

These hubs can handle automations of any size as long as they help in the automation of the chores involved in the hubs.

So the full automation of cooking, washing dishes, washing clothes, storing clothes etc. will be much easier to be created in the hubs than in current houses due to the hubs allowing automations of different sizes.

MAMA apartments will also provide cleaning robots to be bigger and of higher quality because all appliances and space needed to handle food and clothes won’t be needed anymore.

One of the reasons cleaning robots are not as good as they can be is that most homes prioritize automations that help handle food and clothes rather than cleaning the house.


Therefore through the MAMA apartments, fully automated homes can finally be created and help reduce the cost of living in all societies across the world.

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