How MAMA apartments can help in rebuilding Ukraine’s housing infrastructure

Hello, my name is Mkwawa and I am a simp of human progress who writes articles explaining how different events, technologies and ideas relate to MAMA WORLD.

MAMA WORLD is a new societal model designed to allow all its residents to easily gain knowledge and help in human progress.

In this article, we are going to discuss how MAMA apartments which are one of the infrastructures of MAMA WORLD can help reduce the cost of rebuilding Ukraine’s housing infrastructure. Let us now start he discussion:

Now over 2.4 million Ukrainians have had their homes damaged or destroyed since the start of the war and this adds up to more than 50 billion US dollars in damages to housing infrastructure.

Rebuilding the housing infrastructure of Ukraine once the war is over is going to be a huge and expensive project, unless the Ukrainian government uses a lower cost of housing configuration or design.

MAMA apartments can be the housing configuration that allows the Ukrainian government to easily rebuild Ukraine’s housing infrastructure at a lower cost.

MAMA apartments consist of houses connected by a mini elevator system to a food and clothes hub.

When residents want food or clothes, they order them through an app and they are brought to them from the hubs by pods that pass through the mini elevator system.

Once they finish eating or wearing the food or clothes respectively, they return the dirty dishes or clothes using pods that pass through the mini elevator system to the hubs for washing and storing.

Hence the houses don’t have a kitchen, closet, appliances etc. since all chores are done in the hubs making them cheaper compared to current house designs or housing configurations.

These houses will also be monetarily cheaper as the hubs will buy and do many chores in bulk allowing them to save on costs while also saving time for the residents as they won’t have to do any house chores.

Therefore MAMA apartments can be used to rebuild Ukraine’s housing infrastructure at a lower cost compared to modern house designs or configurations.

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