How level 3 self driving cars would easily be adopted in MAMA WORLD

Hello, my name is Mkwawa and I am a simp of human progress who writes articles explaining how different events, technologies and ideas relate to MAMA WORLD.

MAMA WORLD is a new societal model designed to allow all its residents to easily gain knowledge and help in human progress.

In this article we will be discussing how self driving cars would be easily introduced in MAMA WORLD even at level 3. Let us now begin the discussion:

Level three self driving cars are vehicles that can operate autonomously in specific driving scenarios and they are already available and being tested by several automakers including Audi, BMW and Tesla.

If we decide to change our regulations and infrastructure to ensure the specific driving scenarios that allow level 3 self driving are the norm, there is potential to use them (level three self driving cars) in our societies without needing level 4 or level 5 self driving cars.

Achieving these changes in our current society is near impossible due to the fear and resistance self driving cars face, due to the potential job displacement that they could cause.

This is because the transportation industry is one of the largest employers in many countries and the introduction of self driving cars could have a significant impact on the work force.

Level 3 self driving cars would be easily deployed in MAMA WORLD without the need for level 4 or level 5 self driving cars.

This is because no one earns an income through working essential jobs in MAMA WORLD as it uses a time banking system to do all the essential jobs in the society.

The time banking system is a system of paying people to learn a profession and then using them through a time banking system, where they give a few hours of their time a week to do the profession for free.

The time banking system, is run through a direct democracy and hence all the professionals who work in it, have a say on how the money obtained is collectively used.

Hence, in MAMA WORLD, self driving cars would easily be introduced as it won’t affect anyone’s income since people don’t earn income through working in essential jobs such as driving.

And all professional drivers and stakeholders in the transportation industry would be able to decide how the profits from the self driving cars are used for the benefit of the collective since the society uses a direct democracy.

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