The MAMA project is a project that seeks to raise awareness about MAMA apartments and crowd fund the creation of the basic technologies needed for their construction.

MAMA apartments are apartments which are configured in such a way that residents don’t have to do house chores.

MAMA apartments consist of houses connected to a food hub that handles all chores involved with food and a clothes hub that handles all chores involved with clothes.

When someone who lives in MAMA apartments needs food or clothes, they order them from the food or clothes hub and they are brought to them by a pod that passes through small tunnels.

When they finish eating or wearing the food or clothes respectively, they return the dirty dishes or clothes using the pod that passes through a small tunnel to the food or clothes hub where they are cleaned and stored.

MAMA apartments don’t need a kitchen, closet, appliances, store etc. and hence can be designed to be simple enough to be fully cleaned by autonomous robots.

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